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Low carbon energy saving every link can not be reduced to reduce carbon drop.

The "low carbon energy saving" wind blowing across the north and south of the river, also deep in the home decoration people's heart. As a high degree of "customization" industry, consumer choice determines the choice of raw materials, production process and finished goods, only consumers and businesses work together, can we truly achieve the "carbon reduction". At present, some enterprises began to "low carbon" domestic outfit decoration system plans and consumer education, such as the yuan continent decoration recently released the first domestic outfit carbon reduction targets, and launched the declaration of an outfit carbon reduction.

How can we achieve the goal of "low-carbon" in the process of decoration? Experts say that materials, design and engineering should not be too small.


Simple, natural best.

Low-carbon home decoration should start from the source - design. First of all, the design concept of "light decoration, heavy decoration" can reduce the "carbon emission" of the whole project, and reduce the cost of home decoration in the low carbon. Secondly, the space design should consider the use of natural resources, natural ventilation, multi-directional lighting, and reduce the use of air conditioning and lighting equipment. Some special energy saving systems, such as infrared sensor light switch system, can be used to save energy.


Choose environmental protection, energy-saving products.

In the design selection material, choose environmental protection, easy to regenerate, recyclable adornment material, use or do not use pure solid wood floor, multi-purpose compound aggrandizement floor, such as bamboo floor, bamboo veneer, etc. Use waterborne paint to avoid oil paint; Select the finished product or semi-finished product.

In the case of ensuring the use of functions, it is possible to choose the daily appliances with low power consumption and low water consumption, and reduce waste of resources and water and electricity expenses.

Some products that can regulate energy consumption can also be considered. If the panel with the control switch is convenient to turn off the electric power supply, it can avoid the power consumption of its long standby mode, and it can also protect the electrical appliances. The heating system with timing control valve can reduce room temperature when no one is in the home. When the temperature is needed, the automatic control valve can be adjusted regularly to achieve the effect of energy saving.


Home decoration companies reduce carbon points.

Home decoration companies can do the same.

1. Save construction lighting power: use energy-saving lamps instead of incandescent lamps for daily construction lighting; When the oil worker is grinding putty, use explosion-proof lamp, and use incandescent lamp with lower wattage.

2. Save construction equipment: use low power air pump, electric drill instead of high-power air pump and electric drill; The power mica machine is replaced by non - electric ceramic cutting machine.

3. Save water for construction: use the temporary water basin on site, use the water basin when washing hands, and use the water for flushing and so on.

The construction of the

Every bit starts to go forward.

Construction engineering part is the focus of the outfit, the process of carbon reduction on the one hand to actively direct to reduce carbon emissions in the process, on the other hand is for domestic outfit after the completion of the "carbon footprint" basis, to do a good job of "guardian".

Direct reduction

Ceramic tile USES thin stick method, use plasterboard light quality partition wall to replace brick wall and use reasonable waterproof coating, can achieve direct emission reduction.

The traditional paving method USES cement mortar as the ceramic tile paste material, and the thickness of the paste layer is 20-30mm, according to zhiren, director of the r&d department of Beijing company. Thin stick law, adopt new ceramic tile paste material paste thickness is only 2 to 4 mm, material to finished product, is a traditional method to save a lot of materials and construction time, paste strength is superior to traditional methods.

New walls are also common because of the need for pattern modification. The production of clay brick has the problem of high energy consumption and serious environmental pollution, and the construction of new walls will also aggravate the loading of the stairs. The gypsum board is light, fire-resistant and thermal insulation, and the masonry wall will save coal and cement, thus reducing the carbon emission.

Carbon reduction guards

Replace the high quality doors and Windows, make the exterior wall insulation, reduce the water and electricity backup port, etc. can be used as a building to prevent energy loss of the wall.

Some old house doors and Windows aging, rusting, has become the energy wastage of "the culprit". Year tzu chi ren said, it is better to put on sealing performance good doors and Windows products, bars, wooden window can be replaced by model steel window or broken bridge aluminum alloy Windows, window glass can be replaced with hollow double deck glass or vacuum glass.

The external wall insulation system can reduce the energy consumption of summer cooling and winter heating. Located at the top, the west and the corner of the door can be connected with the outer wall of the wall to make a thermal insulation, insulation, insulation, sound insulation.

Many owners in the decoration will be able to use the future port positions are reserved. In fact, the standby port utilization rate is extremely low, will not only waste materials, spare high voltage port will produce power loss, water port will leave the leakage, tube etc, suggest reasonable reserved ports, don't always fight.

Cordless telephones, refrigerators and other electrical appliances that require long-term electricity use can be wired separately in the master switch. It is not necessary to turn off the other switches in the total control switch, which can reduce the power loss and ensure the safety of electrical appliances.