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Daily household appliances energy saving energy saving tips.

Save energy and energy saving tips.

1) use energy-saving air conditioning, the same cooling effect, and less power consumption demand, which is the beauty of energy-saving air-conditioning. If households across the country use it, it would save 3.3 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity a year, equivalent to less than a 600,000 kilowatts of coal-fired power plants and 3.3m tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions.

2) at one time, the air conditioner was raised to seven percent; In summer, air conditioning is too low, which wastes energy and weakens the body's ability to automatically regulate body temperature. As long as the air conditioner is raised to a degree centigrade, the national annual electricity saving is 3.3 billion. In addition, lower indoor and outdoor temperature differences, also reduce the risk of colds.

3) light the energy saving lamp, the lighting effect of a 11W energy saving lamp, top the ordinary bulb of 60W, and each minute is 80% more than the ordinary bulb. If the country USES 1.2 billion energy saving lights, it will save as much electricity as the three gorges hydropower station.

4) the screen is dark energy and eye protection.

The screen is so bright that it not only shortens the TV's life span but also consumes electricity. It can save electricity and protect eyesight, especially for children with developing eyes. China currently has 300 million TV sets, only dimming the brightness, which can save 5 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity every year.

5) use the appliance to pull the plug, save electricity and safety. After watching TV and DVD, the remote control is not completely shut down, but it still consumes power. It does not consume electricity until it is unplugged. If everyone insists, the country will save 18 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity a year, the equivalent of three daya bay nuclear power stations combined.

6) when the computer is not used temporarily, it can shorten the time setting for the monitor to enter the sleep mode; Unplug your computer when you're completely out of it. By doing so, you can save at least one kilowatt-hour of electricity a day, and extend the life of your computer and monitor appropriately.

Energy saving tips for refrigerators.

1) even if you are still using a normal refrigerator, you can save more than 20 kilowatt-hours of electricity each year if you stick to the following three points:

2) defrost in time;

3) minimize the number of opening times;

4) remove the frozen food in the freezer and thaw it in the freezer, and reduce the temperature of the refrigerator.

Use energy-saving refrigerator, save electricity and save money, heat preservation performance is stronger, so consume less electricity, this is the advantage of energy-saving refrigerator. A 268L energy-saving refrigerator can save about 2,000 yuan in the life span.

Common sense of water saving and energy saving.

1) double key toilet, water-saving and easy to use. Compared with the traditional single - key toilet, the double - key toilet every day at least half of the water. The nine-litre single-key toilet USES about 3240 litres of water per month; If you use 3/6 of the toilet, it will be 1350 litres per month, which will not only save the water in 1890, but also reduce the discharge of sewage. Producing tap water and treating sewage requires a lot of energy, so saving water can also save energy.

2) choose the energy-saving washing machine, and buy the washing machine to realize the energy efficiency grade identification, and choose the high grade and energy-saving washing machine, which can save at least half of the water and electricity every month. In other words, the same water, electricity, and energy-saving washing machine can double the laundry.

3) the water after washing can be used to wash feet; Washing and washing of the living waste water can be collected to flush toilets and so on. Don't underestimate these, in the daily habit of developing water-saving habits, accumulated, only a family of three can save more than 1 ton per month.

Kitchen energy saving and environmental protection starts from me.

Fish bowl is more nutritious than water. Wash rice with water and clean the dishes. Don't be too busy with the tea, the door and window furniture can be wiped.

Turn off the heat after 1 minute, cover with 5 minutes, and cook eggs and noodles. Not only will the pot not overflow, but also reduce the amount of gas.

Don't go to the toilet after dinner. It's too wasteful to wash away.

The kitchen is ventilated should be good, one but combustion anoxic gas, both injured the body and exhaust gas.

Soak the rice before cooking. The heating time can be reduced.

Smoke lampblack machine changqing wash, the wind leaf must not swab. The deformation resistance of wind blade is large, and the power consumption will increase. The wind leaves spray on the cleaner, spinning easily and oil.

For at least two hours of hot water in an empty gas tank.

Electric rice cooker needs power, so it saves time and energy.

Electric hot plate in electric rice cooker, with grease to clean. The thermal conductivity of carbon film is poor.