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Water saving common sense

Save water.

1. To use the provincial water - shaped toilet, the same type of toilet will be equipped with 2 - section flush accessories.

2. Under the bottom of the tank, the floating cake is divided into a non-section control of the water.

3. The time of flushing water of the urinal is shortened.

4. Water the flowers, wash the car and scrub the floor with water, washing water, dishwashing water and bath water.

5. Clean the carpet method from wet or steam to dry powder.

6. The water collected by the dehumidifier and water purification equipment such as pure water machine and distilled water machine can be recovered and reused.

Now that I've finished six recipes for water, have you ever thought of a better way to save water? Are you saving water? I think you should be saving water!

For a long time, it was widely accepted that water was "inexhaustible, inexhaustible", and did not know how to cherish it and waste it. As a matter of fact, water resources are increasingly scarce, and our city's urban water supply is struggling on the edge of severe water shortage.

Man cannot have no water in a day, water is the source of life, cherish the water is to cherish own life! Here, we introduce some common sense of water saving in daily life:

Brush your teeth

Waste: uninterrupted discharge, 30 seconds, about 6 litres of water.

Water-saving: mouth cup water, 3 cup, water 0. 6 liters. The family can save 486 litres of water a month twice a day.


Waste: the washing machine will be flushed and drained without interruption, and will need about 165 litres of water each time.

Water saving: washing machine adopts washing - dehydration - water injection - dehydration - water - water - dehydration, each water use 110 litres, each time can save 55 litres, wash four times a month, can save water 220 litres.

In addition, washing in concentrated clothing can reduce laundry frequency. Small pieces, small amount of clothing advocate hand washing, can save a lot of water; Excessive discharge of detergent will waste a lot of water.

Wash bath

Waste: over a long period of time without interruption, the water will be wasted.

When the bath is too much water, even overflow, or when the bath is opened water plug, water injection, waste will be very surprising.

Water saving: intermittent shower (such as treadle type, inductive type, etc.). When rubbing, water should be turned off in time. Avoid long showers.

The water after the bath can be used for washing, washing the car, flushing the toilet, mop the floor and so on.


Waste: the faucet is wide open, long time washing. The boiling water is too long and the steam evaporates greatly. Rinse vegetables and fruits with tap water.

Water-saving: the oil on kitchen utensils and utensils, wipe with paper first, wash again, can save water.

Control the flow of faucet, change without discontinuous rinsing for discontinuous irrigation.

Wash the car

Waste: hose down, 20 minutes, about 240 litres.

Water-saving: wash a car with a bucket of water, three buckets of water and about 30 litres of water. Wash the car with washing water and washing water. Rinse with water-saving spray nozzle. Automatic car washing, washing water treatment cycle use.

Water saving common sense:

Save water, benefit the contemporary, the success is in the autumn, this is after discussion the students together to work out some life saving small method:

1. wash rice washed vegetables, then clean with clean water, not only save water, but also effectively remove pesticide residue on vegetables;

2. Wash and wash drapery, broom, and toilet. Second, washing clothes washing water to wipe doors and Windows and furniture, washing shoes and socks, etc.;

3. Flush the toilet after urinating, and try not to open the large water pipe, and make full use of the "dirty water" used;

4. summer to indoor and outdoor ground sprinkling water temperature, as far as possible do not use clean water, and washing water after washing;

5. When the bicycle and household car are clean, do not flush with water, use wet cloth to wipe, too dirty place, also suitable for washing after washing clothes;

6. Flush toilet: if you use water-saving devices, you can save 4 1 5kg each time.

7. the family water flowers, appropriate use the rice water, tea, washing water and so on;

8. Household wash towel, small object, melon and fruit and other small amount of water. It is appropriate to use a basin to hold water instead of the tap water to flush;

9. Wash the floor: use mop to scrub, the comparable water tap water can save water more than 200kg each time;

10. the faucet USES the time to have the leakage phenomenon, the rubber lid of the small medicine bottle that can install penicillin is cut with the same gasket to put in, can assure drip water is not leaking;

11. Adjust the float ball of the water tank in the toilet by 2 cm, and save nearly 3kg of water each time. According to the daily use of the family four times, one year can be used for 4. 480kg.

12. Wash dishes: wash in basin one basin, do not open the faucet, one meal can save 50kg;

13. Shower: if you turn off the tap to wipe the soap, take a bath and save 60kg of water.

14. Hand-washing clothes: if washing with washtub and cleaning the clothes, each time washing and cleaning clothes is more than 200kg of water saved by the faucet;

15. Washing clothes by washing machine: it is recommended that you wash your clothes in buckets. If you wash them separately twice, you will consume 120kg of water.

16. Wash the car: wash with dishcloth over water tap, at least 400kg each time;