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A variety of ways to save energy.

The elevator energy conservation in recent years more and more get the attention of the government, manufacturers and users, energy-saving this concept also runs through January 24, 2009 revision of the regulations on the special equipment safety supervision under the state council, the elevator energy conservation has become the basic measure of the users on the selection of the elevator. How can we save energy? In fact, there are many ways to save energy, and the following ways can save energy.

1. Popularize the elevator group control system.

As people on the elevator service quality and energy consumption demands put forward higher and higher, a single elevator often cannot meet the needs of modern society in high-rise buildings carry, at this moment need reasonable installation of elevators. The elevator group control system is based on the real-time monitoring and analysis of the operation state of the elevator group, and then optimizes the scheduling and reasonable distribution according to different actual conditions. The elevator group control system adopts the optimization control strategy to manage the coordinated operation of multiple elevators, which can improve the operation efficiency of the elevator, shorten the waiting time of people, and reduce the loss of energy of the elevator.

2. Regenerative energy is fed back to the power grid.

The elevator half - load operation is the best condition for the elevator to run. Because the traction machine is flanked by a balanced system, the elevator car itself weighs about half as much as the weight of the rated load. However, the weight of these two parts is not equal in the actual operation of the elevator, which is the optimal use state of the elevator in most of the running time. Most of the energy consumption of the elevator is the energy that is used to run up and down the difference between the two weights, which is equivalent to that of the elevator when the load is empty and the motor is in power when the load is down. So can be renewable energy power generation state feedback to power grid, and then supply elevator running on the grid, solar energy and wind energy can also be used for other auxiliary energy back to the power grid of the lift, thus reducing the power supply of the power sector.

3. Reduce the number of elevator stops.

Part of the energy consumption of the elevator is consumed in the elevator start-up and braking process. With the increase of high-rise buildings, there are more and more high-speed elevators. People need to achieve energy saving and need to achieve the highest efficiency. If you have more than one elevator, can set the part of the elevator monolayer dock, another part of the double parked, so as to reduce the number of stops, has allowed the elevator distance constant speed growth, the energy feedback, the more so the elevator can reduce energy consumption. This function can be easily implemented in the group control system, but if there is no elevator group control system or only one elevator operation can use this approach to achieve energy saving effect.

4. Set the acceleration and deceleration mode in elevator operation to change parameters.

The speed, acceleration and acceleration curve of the elevator control system can vary with the operating distance or with the car load. Can currently through the combination of software and hardware to software simulation, determine the best operation curve between different floors, and then the related parameters make the elevator running under the best operation state, after running for a long time you'll find that the result is right. At present, the elevator manufacturers have been able to perform computer simulation during installation and commissioning.

5. Choose energy saving drive and control mode.

The advanced nature of elevator is often reflected in drag and control technology. Because the elevator drive and control technology has the greatest impact on the energy consumption of the elevator, people often use the technology of the elevator drive system to evaluate the energy consumption of the elevator. As a result, we often say that the variable voltage variable frequency elevator elevator energy-saving than ac voltage regulator, driven by permanent magnet synchronous motor of gearless traction machine elevator than using a gear reduction mechanism of traction machine elevator energy-saving. The dc motor has good speed regulation performance, but the dc motor USES the collector ring power supply, the maintenance workload is large, and the energy consumption is very high. The structure of ac asynchronous motor is simple and reliable, and energy consumption is more energy efficient compared with dc motor. It can be seen that different speed regulating modes directly affect the energy consumption of elevators.

In the past few years, the low-speed elevator often adopts the ac two-speed program, with less control and low probability of failure. The main drawback is that the level of accuracy, comfort and energy efficiency can hardly meet people's expectations. Medium speed elevator with pressure regulating speed control technology, this way of speed regulation change the way that the voltage change of the torque of the motor, based on the difference between motor torque and load torque adjustment, positive and negative control motor angular acceleration, and the closed loop control mode has the elevator running under controlled speed and acceleration, but its energy saving effect is not very ideal.

In recent years, it is very common and mature development is FM regulating speed control technology, this technology speed control performance has been completely equivalent to that of dc motor, in addition to good comfort and leveling accuracy, and has obvious energy saving effect. In addition, it is a good choice to use the permanent magnet synchronous gearless tractor. According to the working principle of permanent magnet synchronous motor, the excitation is realized by permanent magnet, which does not require the stator to provide extra excitation current, so the power factor of the motor can be very high. At the same time, the rotor of permanent magnet synchronous motor passes without current, and in the presence of the problem of rotor loss, it is generally reduced by 45% to 60% of the loss of the asynchronous motor. The energy consumption is further reduced due to low efficiency and high consumption of worm gear.

6. Reasonably set the elevator balance coefficient.

The balance coefficient is the balance state parameter of the elevator, which affects the output power of the driving motor. The main purpose of the elevator is to reduce the power consumption of the drive motor. The elevator installation acceptance specification requires that the elevator balance coefficient range is between 0.4 and 0.5, and it is not difficult to find in the use of the elevator, in the use of high frequency and full load. For example, office building, office building, etc., can adjust the balance coefficient within the acceptance standard. In the use of low frequency and frequent light load, such as residential housing, the small balance coefficient can be adjusted to achieve the energy saving effect.

Accurate and reasonable elevator balance coefficient is very important for energy saving. The elevator installation is not to measure the equilibrium coefficient, but to set the equilibrium coefficient according to the actual working conditions of the elevator. Elevator balance coefficient of accurate measurement method is: 45% rated load is put inside the car of the brick yards, driving slowly to the capsules and the weight of the same height, power outages, loose brake manually turning, feel with the hand to increase or decrease in weight. When the car is the least weight difference with the weight, the weight of the weight divided by the rated load is the balance coefficient. This method is better than using current method to measure balance coefficient is reasonable, the reason is that using the current method to measure the balance coefficient is affected by many factors, including the voltage fluctuation, detection error, the quality of the motor, guide the installation of the precision and the adjustment of the brake, etc.

To sum up the experience, manufacturing and selection of energy-saving elevators have become the trend of the development of elevator industry. Elevator manufacturers all over the country have made the production of energy-saving elevators as a sustainable development strategy for the enterprise. With the continuous improvement of national elevator standards, we also need to check whether the elevator is energy-saving as a hard index.