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Energy-saving small common sense energy saving article.

Introduction: into the summer, the area began to enter the lack of electricity. Every summer, home appliance is the main electricity consumption household in the home, should give full play to its energy saving low carbon ability, become the important member that answer energy conservation and emission reduction.

1. How do consumers judge the energy efficiency of household appliances?

According to "China energy efficiency labeling". Since March 1, 2005, China's production, sales, import room air conditioners and household refrigerators should be labeled "China energy efficiency labeling" in a prominent position. The establishment of "China energy efficiency labeling" establishes a clear energy efficiency rating for the products, so that consumers can easily judge the energy saving status of products.

2. China has several levels of energy efficiency.

China's energy efficiency labeling now divides energy efficiency into five grades. Level 1 indicates that the product energy saving has reached the international advanced level and the lowest energy consumption; Level 2 indicates that the product is more economical; Level 3 indicates that the energy efficiency of the product is the average level of China's market; Grade 4 indicates that the energy efficiency of the product is lower than the market average; Level 5 is the product market access index, which is below the requirement of this level and is not allowed to be produced and sold.

3. The efficient lighting source of "China green lighting project" mainly includes those.

"Green lighting" is the image of the international lighting system in the early 1990s. "China's green lighting project" is the former state economic and trade commission, the state science and technology commission, the state planning commission, the ministry and other departments on the implementation of a through development to promote efficient lighting appliances, gradually replace the traditional inefficient light source, in May 1996 comprehensive large energy conservation of key projects of energy saving and environmental protection. At present, the promotion of the high lighting is mainly electronic energy-saving lamps (compact fluorescent lamps), fluorescent lamps, high pressure sodium lamps and metal halide lamps.

4. How to use energy-saving lamps correctly?

The following four points should be noted for the correct use of energy-saving lamps: one is to pay attention to the use voltage marked on the lamp. If the low-voltage sodium lamp is used in high voltage power supply, the lamp will be burned. Second, pay attention to the selection and correct use of light power, energy-saving lamps of photosynthetic efficiency generally 5 times higher than incandescent bulbs, that is to say the original 60 watt incandescent bulbs, now only use 13 w energy-saving lamps is enough; The third is to minimize the number of switches, each switch, the life of the lamp will be reduced by about three hours; Fourth, do not use energy-saving lamps in the environment with high temperature and humidity, such as bathroom, bathhouse and other damp places should not use energy-saving lamps.

5. What is the power saving effect of energy-saving lamps?

The energy-saving lamps are characterized by small power and high illumination. They are 70 to 80 percent more efficient than incandescent bulbs, and they can last up to 8, 000 to 10, 000 hours. General tungsten filament lamp becomes a heat energy consumption by 90%, only 10% is converted into energy, and use of energy-saving lamps, can make the room the light is enough, and can save 75% of its electricity, and 5 to 10 times more durable than ordinary light bulbs. Take the 8-watt energy-saving lamp for example, which is 4000 hours higher than the 40-watt incandescent lamp with the same lighting effect. If a 40-watt incandescent lamp is replaced with an 8-watt energy-saving lamp, a single light can be charged at a rate of 70 degrees per household for six hours.

6. How can ability form the good habit that saves electricity?

There are many good habits of saving electricity, mainly in the following aspects: turn off the light, people go out of the light and avoid the "long light"; Turn off the idle appliances at any time; The use of energy saving appliances promoted by the state to make the limited energy play the most important role; Reduce the standby status of TV, air conditioner, computer, audio and other household appliances; Use energy-saving lamp, choose lamps and lanterns should be able to use less the ground glass that obstructs illuminant light, translucent lamp shade; Close the Windows when using air conditioning, and pull down the shading equipment or curtains during the day; Turn off lights whenever natural light sources can meet job requirements.