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The overall plan for the reform of ecological civilization system.

Recently, the central committee of the communist party of China (CPC) and the state council issued the overall plan for the reform of the ecological civilization system, and issued a notice asking all departments in the region to carry out their implementation in a practical and earnest manner.

The main contents of the overall plan of ecological civilization reform are as follows.

In order to speed up the establishment of a complete system of ecological civilization, accelerate the construction of ecological civilization, and enhance the systematic, holistic and cooperative nature of the reform of ecological civilization system, this plan is formulated.

I. overall requirements for the reform of ecological civilization system.

The guiding ideology of the reform of ecological civilization system. Fully implement the party's 18 large and 18 fourth plenary session of 2, 3, spirit, with deng xiaoping theory and "three represents" important thought, the concept of scientific development as guidance, in-depth implementation of xi jinping, general secretary of the series of important speech spirit, in accordance with the party central committee and the state council decision deployment, adhere to the resource conservation and environmental protection basic national policy, adhere to save and protect the preference, natural recovery guidelines, based on the primary stage of socialism's basic national conditions in our country and the new stage characteristics, for the construction of beautiful China as the target, dealing with the relation between man and nature as the core, in order to solve the ecological environment problems as the guidance, national ecological security, improve the environmental quality, improve the efficiency of resource utilization, promote the modernization construction of the harmonious development of man and nature.

2. The concept of ecological civilization system reform.

Set up the concept of respecting nature, comply with the nature, protect the natural and ecological civilization construction is not only affect the sustained and healthy development of the economy, but also political and social construction, must be placed in prominent status, with economic construction, political construction, cultural construction, social construction in all aspects and whole process.

Establish the development and protection of the unity of idea, adheres to the concept of strategic development is the absolute principle, the development must be the green development, the development cycle, low carbon development, balance the relationship between the development and protection, in accordance with the main body function orientation control development strength, adjust the structure of space, leaving future generations shamrock, self-identify, water net better homes, realize the development and protection of internal unity and promote each other.

Build up the idea of green water castle peak is the jinshan silver, pure and fresh air, clean water, beautiful mountains and rivers, the fertile land, biodiversity is essential to the survival of the ecological environment, insist on development is the first priority, must protect the forest, grassland, rivers, lakes, wetlands, ocean, etc. The natural ecology.

The idea of natural value and natural capital is of great value to the natural ecology, nature conservation is the process of appreciation of natural value and natural capital, is the protection and development of the productive forces, they should get a reasonable return and economic compensation.

Build up the idea of space is balanced, to grasp the balance of population, economy, resources and environment, promote the development of scale, industrial structure, population growth rate can not exceed the local soil and water resources carrying capacity and environmental capacity.

Build up the idea of ShanShuiLinTian lake is a community of life, according to the integrity of the ecosystem, and its inherent law, as a whole to consider the elements of natural ecology, the mountain hill, the floor underground, land, sea and river basin upstream and downstream, overall protection, system repair, integrated management, enhance the capacity of the ecosystem circulation, maintain the ecological balance.

The principles of the reform of the ecological civilization system.

Adhere to the correct direction of the reform, improve the market mechanism, better play a role of the government's leading and supervision and give play to the role of enterprise's enthusiasm and self-discipline, play a role of social organizations and the public participation and supervision.

Adhere to the public properties of natural resources assets, property right system innovation, to carry out the ownership, to distinguish the natural resource assets ownership right and management power, reasonable division of the local governance and regulatory responsibilities, ensuring all the people sharing all the natural resources assets.

Insist on management system of unified urban and rural environment, continue to strengthen the urban environment protection and prevention and cure of industrial pollution, increase the protection of the ecological environment in rural areas, establish and improve the rural environment management system and mechanism, increase rural pollution control facilities construction and capital investment.

Adhere to the incentive and constraint simultaneously, both to support the development of the green development, circulation, the benefit of the low carbon development guidance mechanism, and insist on being source, process, sympathetic, damage to punish, responsibility, form effective constraint for all kinds of market main body, gradually realize marketization, under the rule of law, institutionalization.

Adhere to as a combination of international cooperation actively, strengthen ecological environmental protection is our conscious action, to deepen international communication and cooperation at the same time, fully draw lessons from international advanced technology and system and mechanism construction of beneficial experience, actively participating in global environmental governance, assume and perform well with big developing countries that meet the needs of international obligations.

We will continue to encourage the integration of pilot and overall coordinated development. Under the unified deployment of the CPC central committee and the state council, we will make it easier to move forward, step forward, and launch a new one. To support the basic orientation of each region according to the plan, and to explore bravely and boldly.

The goal of the reform of the ecological civilization system. To 2020, build up the property right system of natural resources, land and space development and protection system, spatial planning system, resources management and comprehensive managing system, and paid use of resources and the ecological compensation system, environmental management system, environmental management and ecological protection of market system, assessment of the performance evaluation of ecological civilization and the responsibility system and so on eight system composed of clear property rights, and multiple participation, incentive and constraint, a complete system of ecological civilization system, promote the field of ecological civilization country modernized management system and management ability, work towards new socialist ecological civilization era.

We should build a natural resource property rights system with clear attribution, clear responsibility, and effective supervision, and focus on solving problems such as inadequate owners of natural resources and fuzzy ownership boundaries.

Built on the basis of spatial planning, use control as the main means of national spatial development and protection system, strive to resolve because of the disorderly development, caused by excessive development, scattered development quality of cultivated land and ecological footprint, ecological destruction and environmental pollution problems such as too much.

Building space governance and space structure optimization as the main content, national unity and cohesion, hierarchical management spatial planning system, address space planning overlapping conflict, department, overlapping responsibilities, the problem such as local planning constantly changing.

We will build a comprehensive, scientific and standardized management of resources and a comprehensive economy system to address the problem of serious waste and inefficient use of resources.

Build reflect market supply and demand and the degree of resource scarcity, natural value and intergenerational compensation paid use of resources and the ecological compensation system, and strive to solve natural resource and the product price is low, lower than the social cost of production development and ecological protection can not get a reasonable return.

Build to improve the environmental quality as the guidance, supervision, law enforcement strict, unified multilateral participation system of environmental governance, strive to solve the pollution prevention ability and regulatory functions and responsibilities, the illegal cost is too low.

We will build a market system with more economic leverage for environmental governance and ecological protection, and focus on addressing the problems of underdeveloped market entities and market systems, and low social participation.

Build fully reflect resource consumption, environmental damage, and assessment of the performance evaluation of ecological benefit of ecological civilization and the responsibility system, performance evaluation is not fully address the development, lack of responsibility implementation does not reach the designated position, damage responsibility and other issues.

Improve the property rights system of natural resources.

(5) to establish a unified confirmation registration system. We should adhere to the law of public ownership and property rights, and clearly define the property rights of all kinds of natural resources assets in the land and space. Of water, forests, mountains, grasslands, wasteland, tidal flats, all natural ecological space unified approval to register, gradually draw and collective ownership by the whole people all the boundary between, draw a whole people at different levels and government exercise the ownership of the border, draw a boundary of different collective owners. We will promote the rule of law.

(6) establish a clear natural resource property rights system. Make a list of rights and clarify the rights of all kinds of natural resources. Handle the relationship between the ownership and use right, the innovation of natural resources the implementation of national ownership and collective ownership form, in addition to the important ecological function, can promote the ownership and use separate, clear to possess, utilize, seek profits from and dispose of ownership and accountability, moderately expand the transfer of the right to the use, transfer, lease, mortgage, guarantee, such as investment in power. State owned farms, forestry farms and ranching land owners and user rights. We will fully establish a system of compensated transfer covering all natural resource assets of all people and strictly prohibit the transfer of free or low prices. We will make overall plans to strengthen the construction of natural resource asset trading platforms.

Improve the state natural resources asset management system. According to the owner and the separate regulators and one thing by a department responsible for the principle of integration of the whole people scattered natural resources assets owner responsibility, form of universal all minerals, water, forests, mountains, grasslands, wasteland, waters and tidal flats shall exercise the ownership of all kinds of natural resources such as unified organization, responsible for the leasing of all natural resources.

(8) to explore the establishment of a hierarchical system of ownership. For universal all natural resources assets, according to the different types of resources and the ecological, economic, national defense, etc, to the importance of the study of the central and local government shall exercise the ownership sizing agent responsibility system, to realize efficiency and fair unity. To distinguish the list of resources and the scope of the resources that the central government directly exercises the ownership and the ownership of all local governments. The central government for oil and natural gas, rare precious mineral resources, the key state-owned forest region, major rivers and lakes, and cross-border rivers, important ecological function of wetland grassland, ocean beaches and rare wild animals and plants directly exercise their ownership, and part of the national parks.

(9) to carry out pilot projects for the right of water flow and wetland property rights. We will explore the establishment of a water rights system, conduct pilot projects in water ecological space such as water and coastline, and follow the systematic and holistic principle of water ecology, and distinguish the ownership, right to use and usage of water resources. In gansu, ningxia and other places to carry out the pilot project of property rights.

Third, the establishment of land and space development and protection system.

(10) improve the system of main functional areas. As a whole of the national and provincial development planning, sound based on the policies for regional development priority zones, according to the regional urbanization, agricultural products producing different positioning, key ecological function areas, speed up the adjustment perfect finance, industry, investment, population flows, construction land and resources development, environmental protection policy.

Improve the land and space use control system. Simplify the control system of land use index from top to bottom, adjust the practice of allocating indexes according to the administrative region and land base. The development intensity index is decompressed into each county administrative region, as a binding index, control the total amount of construction land. We will extend the use control to all natural ecological Spaces, delineate and strictly observe the ecological red line, and forbid any arbitrary change of use to prevent the destruction of ecological red lines by unreasonable development and construction activities. We will improve the monitoring system covering all land and space and dynamically monitor the change of land space.

(12) to establish a national park system. To strengthen the protection and sustainable use of important ecological system, the reform departments separately set up nature reserves, scenic spots, cultural and natural heritage, the geological park, forest park, such as system, restructuring of the above sites are function, reasonable definition of national park. National park stricter protection, in addition to not damage the ecosystem of indigenous life production facilities and natural tourism science education tourism, prohibit other development and construction, protect natural ecology and the natural and cultural heritage of the original true, integrity. We will strengthen the guidance for national park trials, and work out the overall plan for the establishment of a national park system on a pilot basis. Build a long-term mechanism to protect rare wild animals and plants.

Improve the regulatory regime for natural resources. It will gradually unify the functions and responsibilities of the various departments in various departments, and unify the functions and responsibilities of the use of all land space.

Establishing a space planning system.

(14) to develop spatial planning. We will integrate the various spatial planning of various departments, compile a unified space plan, and realize the full coverage of the plan. Space planning is a guide for national space development and a spatial blueprint for sustainable development. It is the basic basis for various development and construction activities. The space planning is divided into three levels: national, provincial and municipal. To study and establish a unified and standardized spatial planning mechanism. We will encourage the development of provincial-level space planning pilots. Preparation of the beijing-tianjin-hebei spatial planning.

(15) to promote the "multi-disciplinary integration" of cities and counties. Support city and county to promote "the unification of many rules", unified the city and county space planning, gradually form a city and county a plan, a blueprint. Cities and counties in spatial planning to unified land classification standards, in accordance with the requirements of main body function orientation and spatial planning at the provincial level, draw the production space and living space, ecological space, looks remarkably clear town, industrial zone, the development of the rural residential areas such as the boundary, and the cultivated land, forest land, grassland, rivers, lakes, wetlands protection boundaries, such as to strengthen the overall planning of urban underground space. We will strengthen the guidance of the pilot program of "multi-regulation and integration" in the city and county, and formulate guidelines and technical specifications for urban and county space planning, so as to form replicable and popularizing experience.

(16) innovative city and county space planning methods. We will explore the standardization of urban and county space planning procedures, expand social participation, and enhance the scientific and transparent planning. The pilot areas shall be encouraged to integrate the planning departments, and a department shall be responsible for the compilation of the urban and county space planning, and a planning evaluation committee composed of professional and related representatives may be established. Before planning, the evaluation of carrying capacity of resources and environment should be carried out, and the evaluation result is the basic basis for planning. In the course of planning and preparation, various opinions should be widely solicited. The draft plan should be published in full and the local residents should be fully consulted. After the approval of the appraisal committee, the plan shall be approved by the local people's congress and submitted to the higher authorities for the record. The planning results should include planning texts and more high-precision planning maps and are published in the Internet and other local media. Encourage local residents to supervise the implementation of the plan, and report on the development and construction activities that violate the planning. The local people's congress and its standing committee regularly listen to the report on the implementation of the space program and hold the local government accountable for the violation of the planning.

Fifth, improve the total resources management and overall economy system.

(17) improve the strictest farmland protection system and land conservation and intensive utilization system. Improve the system of protection of basic farmland, delimit the permanent line of basic farmland, according to the area is not reduced, quality is not falling, USES does not change, will be born to the home of basic farmland, above inventory, strict protection, in addition to the legal provisions of the national key construction project site selection does not give way, shall not take up any other construction. We will strengthen the assessment and monitoring of the quality of cultivated land, and strengthen the quality protection and improvement of cultivated land. We will improve the balance system for arable land, implement total control of the amount of land occupied by new construction land, and strictly implement the appropriation of farmland, which will make up the difference between the two. The total amount of construction land is controlled and reduced.