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Jiaxing Aoyou Energy Conservation Evaluation Service Co., Ltd.


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Jiaxing langkun detection co., LTD. Is a professional energy saving and environmental testing technology institution, which is a third party laboratory which operates strictly in accordance with the national CMA certification standard. Jiaxing lankun detection co., LTD. Has passed CMA certification of zhejiang quality and technical supervision bureau in July 2016.


Business operations:

1) comprehensive business:

1. Water-saving service (water balance test, water-saving enterprise declaration);

2. Energy audit service;

3. Energy monitoring assistance services;

4. Planning and measuring equipment of enterprise energy plan and providing guidance service, etc.

2) technical testing business:

Jiaxing lang kun detection co., LTD., complete testing instruments and equipment, is equipped with electric energy comprehensive test instrument, gas analyzer, thermal anemometer, infrared thermometer, digital thermometer, temperature, humidity measuring instrument and other advanced testing equipment, and a full-time measured personnel responsible for testing, can provide enterprises with testing services is as follows:

img2.jpg①Energy conservation monitoring of heat treatment furnace;

②Energy saving monitoring of steam heating equipment;

③Energy saving monitoring of pump and liquid transport system;

④Energy saving monitoring of heat transfer system;

⑤Economic operation detection of three-phase asynchronous motor;

⑥The rational use of heat (steam) parameter test;