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Due to the many aspects involved in the approval of industrial investment projects from approval, construction to completion and acceptance, and the complicated procedures, governments at all levels have taken active measures to simplify procedures for simplification of power and decentralization. With the help of the government's "one run at a time" reform, our company has set up a special "enterprise project declaration agency" service and launched the "Soaring intermediary" WeChat public account to facilitate business consulting so as to better provide enterprises with simple and efficient services .

1, the process description:

The promotion of industrial investment projects is mainly divided into three stages: early stage, middle stage and later stage.

1.1. Pre - agreement signing, business, commerce, customs, tax filing or registration, environment, energy, safety assessment, foreign exchange registration, bank accounts, etc.

1.2, medium-term land hanging auction, land survey setting out, geological survey, drawing design, construction drawing review;

1.3, late - the completion of acceptance: pile testing, base inspection, basic inspection ... ....

1.4, please visit the "soaring intermediary" check [please scan QR code]

2, the main service content

2.1 That is, according to business needs, our company can provide investment projects in all stages of pre-service, mid-term and post-service, but also for enterprises to provide full one-stop packaging services.

2.2 According to the needs of enterprises, our company can also recommend the related services that the project needs, such as: environment, safety assessment, recommendation of high-quality intermediary, energy-saving facilities, energy-saving lighting procurement, corporate energy planning and other quality services.

3, bidding process real-time tracking

Where through the "intermediary intermediary" agency services, we will be public platform for the company to provide feedback to the enterprise at any time, timely communication and interaction with enterprises in order to timely adjustments and changes, and to ensure the project's confidentiality requirements throughout the process.

4, "Soaring intermediary" WeChat public number

"Weixing WeChat public number" adopts the network simple one-stop two-way interactive service, which is mainly to provide efficient and efficient service for industrial investment projects. We will directly provide sub-projects and investment package services for all phases of investment projects according to the needs of enterprises , As well as to recommend the project to the business of quality service products.