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Motor national standards

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International standard of motor national standard.

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National standard (code name GB) :

The general requirements and technical requirements of the motor; Basic technical requirements of gb755-65: all kinds of motor technical requirements, nameplates and line end marks; GB760-65 motor mounting size and dimension code, specifying the installation of all kinds of motors and dimensions code.

Ministerial standard (code JB) :

Technical requirements, rated data and conditions of use for a certain type of motor; Jb742-66 J2 and JO2 series three-phase asynchronous motor technology conditions; Jb1104-68 Z2 series small dc motor technical conditions.

Test methods for various types of motors:

Gb1032-68 small and medium sized three-phase asynchronous motor test.

International standards:

Refers to the standards established by the international organization for standardization (ISO) and the international electrotechnical commission (IEC). IEC's second technical committee (hereinafter referred to as TC2) is a rotary motor standards organization, it currently operates six points and technical committee, in charge of the steam turbine generator, the size and power rating, brush, brush and commutator and collector ring, test methods and procedures, protection, cooling mode and installation as well as the motor insulation classification, etc.