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Energy saving policy

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Energy conservation acceptance standard

2018-03-02  admin 阅读 97

According to the construction quality acceptance of building energy conservation engineering and relevant national standards and regulations of our country, the China energy conservation and environmental protection decoration certification guidance center and association of Chinese interior decoration indoor environment committee:

The national regulations on building energy conservation are carried out in the whole process of family decoration and decoration, and the foundation of energy saving and emission reduction is made from the decoration and decoration projects of the home decoration.

In the decoration industry implementation specification in to pay special attention to the three link, pay attention to the four key: according to the specification requirements, construction engineering design units, construction units, engineering supervision units and their practitioners, registered shall, in accordance with the mandatory civil building energy efficiency standards for design, construction and supervision.

Energy-saving design, construction management and materials, product selection and so on.

Three links. One is to carry out the energy-saving design of decoration.

As with the energy conservation of construction projects, the energy saving of decoration should also be paid attention to from the design.

Notice when decorating the design, pay attention to according to the energy saving effect of the house itself and the use requirement of owner, carry out energy-saving adornment to decorate a project to set.


Including the building envelope design, energy-saving energy-saving materials and product design, etc. Second, promote the use of energy-saving materials and products.

To promote the use of new technologies, new technologies, new materials and new equipment for the use of energy conservation in decoration and decoration projects, to limit the use or prohibition of the use of high-energy technologies, processes, materials and equipment; Design and install energy-saving and water-saving devices in the decoration of architectural decoration.

Third, construction management link.

On the one hand the construction unit that decorates the decoration pays attention to protect the energy conservation structure and the facility that already energy conservation building, in the decoration does not destroy. On the other hand, the wall materials, insulation materials, doors and Windows and lighting equipment entering the construction site are checked.

Carry out construction strictly according to the specification, guarantee the energy-saving effect of energy-saving construction. In addition, in the construction, we should also pay attention to saving materials in decoration works and reduce waste.