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Energy saving policy

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The office of the national development and reform commission (NDRC) has reviewed and documented the fifth batch of energy-saving service companies.

2018-03-02  admin 阅读 115

Forward according to the state council general office of the national development and reform commission and other departments for energy conservation service industry to speed up the implementation of contract energy management to promote the development of the opinions of notice do hair [2010] no. 25 (countries) and the ministry of finance issued by the national development and reform commission about < the contract energy management financial reward fund management interim measures > notification "(money [2010] no. 249, hereinafter referred to as the" method ") the relevant provisions of, now is the fifth batch of energy service companies filed matters related to notice the following:

One, the provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government and cities under separate state planning and energy saving, please departments in accordance with the relevant provisions of the "method", organizations do a good job in this region as soon as possible the fifth batch of energy conservation service company for the record trial work, and on February 28 in 2013 the first trial by energy conservation service company list and relevant materials submitted by commission (ring venture company). The first four batches of energy conservation service companies have not passed the examination and record, and the company that has not changed the material shall not report again.

2. Relevant materials to be provided for the audit and filing of the energy conservation service company: 1. Application form for record of energy conservation service company (see attachment); 2. Brief introduction of the basic information of the enterprise, mainly including the establishment date, business scope, operation and financial situation, financial management system, etc.; Type 3, the enterprise to carry out the energy-saving benefit sharing of contract energy management project situation and the energy saving effect, contract energy management project investment, income and its corresponding proportion in the total amount of investment of enterprises, turnover; 4. The main energy saving technology and product situation of the contract energy management project; 5. The name, professional title, age, degree and profession of the full-time technical personnel; 6. Copy of business license, tax registration certificate and financial statement of the enterprise; 7. Certificate materials such as enterprise registration fund (paid-in capital) and bank credit rating; 8. Have implemented the project contract, the feedback of the user unit and the project operation status certificate; 9. Other materials and conditions related to supporting conditions stipulated in the measures.