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Energy saving policy

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China's first implementation of distributed photovoltaic project construction management.

2018-03-02  admin 阅读 121

On September 23, 2015, the housing and urban-rural development bureau of fuyang district, hangzhou issued (fu jian [2015] [2015] no. 207) document. File points out: in order to further standardize the roof photovoltaic application in construction engineering project management, according to the engineering construction standard in zhejiang province on the release < building solar pv system application technology regulations > notification ", "hangzhou city people's government of distributed photovoltaic application promote the healthy development of the industry to speed up the implementation opinion" and "fuyang distributed photovoltaic application industry of the people's government to accelerate the healthy development of the implementation opinions (try out)" regulation, such as implementation opinions, ideas come into force from the date of release.

The reporter sees, the opinion from strengthen the supervision and management, the specification project design, the specification project installation, the specification project acceptance four aspects to make the detailed stipulation. Details of the policy are described below:

Strengthening supervision and management.

(1) for the application of photovoltaic power generation projects in new construction projects, synchronous planning, synchronous design, synchronous construction and synchronous acceptance shall be carried out; We should strengthen management and coordination in planning and approval, energy conservation review, design review, construction permit, project quality supervision, completion acceptance and operation supervision and management.

(2) the addition or modification on the existing buildings, photovoltaic power generation project must be conducted by the original design unit building structure security, building electrical safety review, photovoltaic components in the construction site to meet the fire protection, lightning protection, anti-static and other related function and building energy efficiency requirements.

Project investment in 300000 yuan of above, or a building area of over 300 square meters of photovoltaic power generation project, the construction unit before commencing work shall, in accordance with the measures for the management of construction engineering construction permits to apply to competent authorities area construction for building engineering construction permit. And verify the building's land use certificate, planning permit, home ownership certificate and so on.

(3) the building of photovoltaic power generation projects should not reduce the standard of sunshine in adjacent buildings or buildings themselves.

(4) the construction and inspection of photovoltaic power generation projects shall be carried out according to the requirements of the national power regulatory authority. No unit or individual may engage in the undertaking, undertaking, undertaking and testing of electric power facilities without obtaining the license for electric power facilities.

2. Standardize the project design.

(1) the design of photovoltaic power generation projects shall be specially designed or as part of the electrical engineering design of the building. Design units should be issued by the department of construction of the corresponding level of electric power industry, new energy power generation) design qualification, and selection of photovoltaic modules and design should be combined with the building, in consideration of efficiency, power, electrical and structure under the premise of safe, applicable, beautiful, should first choose photovoltaic component, and should be coordinated with construction module, meet the requirements of installation, cleaning, maintenance and the replacement of the local.

(2) warning signs shall be set up when personnel are in a position to contact or approach the photovoltaic system. The grid-connected photovoltaic system should have the corresponding grid protection function, and should install the necessary measuring device. Pv modules installed in each part of the building, including building palisade structure composed of photovoltaic components directly, should have charged warning signs and the corresponding electrical safety protective measures, and shall meet the parts of the building enclosure, building energy conservation, the structure safety and electrical safety requirements.

(3) the construction drawing shall be submitted to the construction drawing review body for special examination after the completion of the construction drawing design. If the requirement is not met, the design unit shall revise it according to the review opinion until it meets the requirements.

3. Standard project installation.

(a) independent photovoltaic power generation project construction units shall be issued by the competent department of construction of the mechanical and electrical equipment installation project specialized contracting and other corresponding qualification level and the safety production license, or the power industry professional contracting qualification level and the safety production license.

(2) installation and construction of newly-built photovoltaic power generation projects shall be included in the construction organization design of construction equipment installation, and corresponding installation and construction plans shall be formulated and corresponding safety measures shall be taken.

(iii) before installation of pv system, the following conditions shall be met:

1. The design documents are ready and approved;

2. The construction organization design and construction plan has been approved;

3. The site, power supply and road conditions can meet the normal construction requirements;

4. The reserved seat, reserved holes, embedded parts, embedded pipes and facilities meet the design requirements, and have been checked and accepted.

(4) of photovoltaic power generation project chooses the key components and products should be consistent with national security certification, energy saving, environmental protection and other relevant provisions, and USES the products have obtained national certification of components and products, including photovoltaic modules and inverters choose accord with standard of photovoltaic industry alliance and photovoltaic products recommended directory of related products, photovoltaic system ac/dc power distribution ark should comply with the standard for low-voltage switchgear and control equipment.

(5) install photovoltaic power generation project of embedded parts use fixed number of year should be the same as the main body structure, the installation of stents, metal parts and other materials, should choose according to the service life of photovoltaic power generation project set corresponding weather resistance materials and adaptive protection measures should be taken.

4. Standardize the project acceptance.

(1) construction completion acceptance.

1, completion inspection and acceptance, in the face of the photovoltaic power generation project of civil engineering, installation engineering, green engineering, safety engineering and fire special acceptance, acceptance in accordance with the acceptance of photovoltaic engineering.

2. After the completion of construction of photovoltaic power generation project, the system shall be adjusted and tested, and the results shall meet the requirements of design and relevant standards.

3. The following information shall be submitted for the completion and acceptance of the photovoltaic power generation project:

(1) design change certification documents and completion drawings;

(2) factory certificate or inspection data of main materials, equipment, finished products, semi-finished products and instruments;

(3) record of waterproof leak detection at the installation site;

(4) concealed work acceptance records and itemized project acceptance records;

(5) system debugging and trial operation record;

(6) inspection records of functions of system operation, monitoring, display and measurement;

(7) engineering use, operation management and maintenance instruction.

(2) photovoltaic power generation and network acceptance.

1, photovoltaic power generation project acceptance should be in civil engineering, installation engineering, green engineering, safety engineering, and fire engineering based on the acceptance of special, by the power supply enterprise according to the fuyang area distributed grid-connected photovoltaic (pv) power supply bureau service management method ".

2. Relevant units shall rectify the defects found during the acceptance process of photovoltaic power generation projects according to their respective responsibilities. The rectification of the construction structure should be submitted to the building management department for filing and approval.