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Energy saving policy

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To promote the production and application of green building materials.

2018-03-02  admin 阅读 104

Green building materials refers to the building materials products with the characteristics of "energy saving, emission reduction, safety, convenience and recyclability" during the whole life period, reducing the impact on natural resources consumption and ecological environment. China's building materials industry has a high energy consumption, a large amount of pollutant emissions, a serious excess capacity, and a decline in economic efficiency. The development of green building materials lags behind, and the production proportion is low and the application scope is small. Promoting green building materials production and application, it is heavy on the development of green and green consumption, promote structural optimization, the only way to speed up the transformation and upgrading, is the green building materials and the urgent need of the development of the green building industry fusion, is to improve the living environment, the construction of the important content of ecological civilization, to build a well-off society in an all-round way. In order to accelerate the production and application of green building materials, this action plan is formulated.

General requirements: the party's fourth plenary 18 large and 18 third, spirit as the instruction, implements and realizes "made in China 2025", "the state council on resolving the contradiction of severe overcapacity guidance" and "green action plan" and so on, based on the requirement of the new industrialization and urbanization, traction, in order to promote green production and green consumption as the main purpose, guided by the green building materials production and application problems, clear the key tasks, carry out special operations, the building materials industry and construction industry steady growth, structural adjustment, transfer mode and sustainable development, vigorously promote the development of green architecture, green city construction.

Action target: by 2018, the proportion of green building materials production will be significantly improved and the development quality will be significantly improved. Green building materials in the industry's main business income accounted for up to 20%, the varieties, quality is better meet the needs of the green building, compared with 2015, the building materials industry energy consumption per unit output fell by 8%, nitrogen oxides and dust emissions cuts to 8%; The proportion of green building materials is steadily increasing. The proportion of green building materials in newly-built buildings reached 30%, the proportion of green building applications reached 50%, the proportion of pilot demonstration projects reached 70%, and the proportion of existing building renovation applications increased to 80%.

1. Green manufacturing operation of building materials industry.

(I) comprehensive implementation of cleaner production. We will support existing enterprises to carry out technical renovation and improve the level of green manufacturing. Application materials furnace flue gas desulfurization denitration dust removal, clean coal gasification and intelligent building materials manufacturing, comprehensive utilization of resources, such as generic technology, priority support building sanitary ceramics industry cleaner production technical innovation. The plate glass industry restricts high-sulfur petroleum coke fuel. To guide the cement enterprises in the northern heating area to carry out the wrong peak production during the winter heating period, save energy and reduce emission, and reduce the haze.

Promote new type of refractory. To comprehensively promote chrome-free refractory materials to reduce heavy metal pollution from the source. The development and promotion structure function integration, the long life and the construction convenient new refractory material and the microporous structure high efficiency heat insulation material.

(2) strengthen comprehensive utilization and develop a circular economy. Support the use of existing cement kilns around the city to deal with life refuse, sludge, hazardous waste, etc. Support the use of tailings, industrial solid waste, production of new wall materials, mechanism sand and so on. We will focus on construction waste disposal and reuse, strengthen the production technology and technology of reclaimed building materials, and improve the quality of solid waste and product quality.

(3) promote the integration of the two sides and develop intelligent manufacturing. We will guide the production enterprises of building materials to improve the level of informatization and automation, and focus on promoting intelligent manufacturing and upgrading in industries such as cement and building sanitary ceramics. We will deepen the application of e-commerce and build a green building materials traceability information system using technologies such as qr code and cloud computing to improve the informatization of green building materials and the level of supply chain coordination. Development and promotion of industrial robots, in the construction of ceramics, glass, glass fiber and other industries to carry out the "machine generation" pilot.

Ii. Evaluation and identification of green building materials.

(4) carry out the evaluation of green building materials. According to the green building materials evaluation identification management method, the establishment of green building materials evaluation and identification system. We will promptly introduce the implementation rules and the green evaluation technology requirements for all kinds of building materials. Carry out the green building materials star rating, publish the green building materials product catalog. We will guide the construction industry and consumer selection, and promote the construction of a unified, open and orderly market for green building materials.

(5) building a green building materials information system. Establishment of green building materials database and information collection and sharing system. We will use the information technology such as "Internet plus" to construct the public service system of green building materials, publish information of green building materials evaluation and identification, pilot demonstration and so on, and popularize knowledge of green building materials. Construction of green building materials selection mechanism, dredging construction engineering green building materials selection channel, realizing product quality traceability. Research and establishment of a third-party information publishing platform for green building materials.

(6) expand the application scope of green building materials. Needs of the green building and building materials industry development direction, focus on general energy-saving to water-saving materials in building materials, and construction of indoor and outdoor environmental protection green evaluation of materials and products. In the promotion of green building development and green building evaluation work to strengthen the application of green building materials related requirements. The regulations on the use of green building materials are further clarified in various pilot demonstration projects and promotion projects in the ministry of industry and information technology and the ministry of housing and urban-rural development.

Performance improvement action of cement and products.

Develop high quality and special cement. We will revise the standard of cement products, improve the product quality standard system, and encourage the production and use of high grade cement and pure cement. We will give priority to development and standardize the use of cement for engineering purposes such as Marine industry, nuclear power and roads. Support to extend the industrial chain, improve the standard of concrete admixture, accelerate the industrialization, standardization and greening of the sand stone.

(8) to promote the application of high-performance concrete. It is encouraged to use C35 and above strength grade premixed concrete, to promote the application technology of large admixtures and recycled aggregate, and to improve the application technology level of high-performance concrete. The design and evaluation technology of high performance concrete durability are researched and developed.