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Notice on the collection of industrial energy conservation and environmental protection and green development reserve project from 2016 to 2018.

2018-03-02  admin 阅读 98

The Beijing economic and information commission's notice on the collection of the 2016-2018 industrial energy conservation and environmental protection and green development reserve project.

Relevant units:

To seriously implement the "made in China 2025 Beijing action guidelines (Beijing ZhengFa [2015] no. 60) requirements, the implementation of green manufacturing engineering, and support enterprises in energy saving transformation, strengthen energy management informationization construction, carry out clean production, ecological design and resource comprehensive utilization work, strengthen energy conservation and environmental protection industries, promote the transformation and upgrading of industrial development and the green, presently faces the society for 2016-2016 is to implement and plan implementation of energy conservation and environmental protection and green development projects, in our city industrial reserve green development project, by commission will impact on the efficiency good, big projects focus on tracking, and from the aspects of policy, funds to give positive support. The notice is as follows:

I. scope of project declaration.

The key for energy saving water, reconstruction of digital efficiency, clean production, comprehensive utilization of resources, energy conservation and environmental protection industry development with industrial development green 5 10 direction in the field of project:

(1) technological transformation of industrial energy-saving and water-saving technologies.

1. Improvement of energy conservation technology. Support industrial enterprises, especially key energy-using enterprises in energy-saving technological transformation, application of advanced energy-saving technology equipment including but not limited to, the implementation of motors, transformers, boiler and air compressor equipment system efficiency improvement, such as green illumination applications, such as waste heat pressure using the technology.

2. Water-saving technical renovation project. We will support water-saving technology reform in water-intensive enterprises and industrial parks. We will focus on technical applications such as process water saving, industrial wastewater treatment and reuse, rainwater and other unconventional water resources development and utilization.

3. Promotion and application of new energy and renewable energy. We will mainly support the application of new and renewable energy, distributed energy and smart micro grid projects in factories and industrial parks, and carry out power demand side management projects.

(ii) improvement of digital energy efficiency.

4. Construction project of energy management center of industrial enterprises. Support industrial enterprises to carry out information construction on energy management, build or renovate and improve the enterprise energy management center.

5. Renovation project of green data center. In accordance with the national green data center pilot program (joint section [2015] no. 82), we support the improvement of the green data center.

(3) renovation of clean production in key industry enterprises.

6. Clean production renovation project of industrial enterprises. Support the implementation of the enterprise to reduce sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides and volatile organic pollutants (pops), ammonia nitrogen and chemical oxygen demand (cod) and lead, mercury, chromium, cadmium, arsenic and discharge as the target of clean production.

7. Green design demonstration enterprise creation project. To support industrial enterprises to carry out pilot demonstration projects according to the requirements of the pilot implementation plan of eco-design demonstration enterprises.

(4) comprehensive utilization of resources.

8. Industrial solid waste comprehensive utilization project. Support the cement kiln to deal with hazardous waste, fly ash, sludge, household garbage and other industrial solid waste comprehensive utilization projects.

9. Renewable resources engineering. We will support the construction of pilot demonstration projects for the comprehensive utilization of resources such as remanufacturing, waste electrical appliances and construction waste.

(5) energy conservation and environmental protection industries.

10. Energy conservation and environmental protection industry cultivation project. According to the opinions of the state council about accelerate the development of energy saving and environmental protection industry (guo fa [2013] no. 30) requirements, support the industrialization of energy conservation and environmental protection technology, equipment, products, support energy conservation and environmental protection service enterprise, platform construction and engineering projects, support green park construction, etc.

Ii. Declaration of project requirements.

(1) subject declaration conditions.

1. The reporting unit is registered and engaged in the production and operation of the municipal business administration department and has the qualification of independent legal person, and has a good operating status and economic benefits.

2. The project shall be implemented in the administrative region of this municipality, in line with the relevant industrial policies of this municipality, and it is not included in the catalog of the municipal industrial policy.

(2) project declaration conditions.

Declare project should be ongoing or planned project nearly three years, not less than 5 million of investment in fixed assets, energy conservation and emissions reduction effect is outstanding or pilot demonstration significance is bigger, can relax modest requirements, project should start time after January 1, 2016, all application projects, in principle, implementation period of no more than two years.

Iii. Work requirements.

Please contact the relevant units to carefully organize the review and recommendation of the project, and send the attached schedule to the email address before July 15, 2016.