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Energy saving policy

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Recently, all over the country buildings and lighting energy conservation reform to encourage policy overview.

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The year 2016 is the first year of the 13th five-year plan, and the state and local governments have issued notice of energy conservation reform. For example, the national development and reform commission (NDRC) has declared resources saving and recycling key projects in the central budget for 2016. Among them, in the field of energy conservation, the key declaration...

The year 2016 is the first year of the 13th five-year plan, and the state and local governments have issued notice of energy conservation reform. For example, the national development and reform commission (NDRC) has declared resources saving and recycling key projects in the central budget for 2016. Among them, in the field of energy saving, will focus on reporting key energy-using units comprehensive promotion of energy efficiency project, and push the project contract energy management (to implement energy-saving renovation project of contract energy management way), waste heat to warm the people project, road/tunnel lighting energy-saving green lighting engineering, etc.

In addition, various provinces and cities across the country have increased energy conservation efforts.

Released at the end of may, the general office of the people's government of fujian province of the province's public buildings and urban public lighting energy saving reconstruction task, predicts 2020, the province has complete public building energy saving renovation of 5 million square meters, 100000 urban public lighting energy saving reconstruction. After the notice was issued, the city responded positively.

Xiamen plans to transform 250,000 streetlights within five years.

According to the requirements, xiamen city will complete the energy-saving transformation of 250,000 lamps in five years and the energy conservation of 1.9 million square meters of public buildings.

In the past five years, fujian province has completed a total of about 500,000 square meters of energy conservation and renovation of public buildings, and completed the renovation of urban public lighting by about 40,000. Xiamen store, convention and exhibition center in xiamen, fujian agriculture and forestry university, putian, yunxiao dichroa development zone use contract energy management mode to carry out the public building or construction of urban public lighting energy saving reconstruction demonstration. At the end of 2015, fuzhou and xiamen were selected as the second batch of demonstration cities for energy conservation in public buildings.

Ningde public building energy conservation transformation will complete 40000 ㎡

By 2020, the city of ningde, fujian province will complete 40 thousand square meters of public building energy conservation and 50 million energy saving for urban public lighting. This year, according to a notice issued by the provincial government office, will lead the mall supermarkets, hotels, universities, hospitals, and the use of central air-conditioning system of office buildings and urban public lighting energy saving reconstruction demonstration.

Notification is clear, the public can not meet the current national focus on building energy saving design standard of more than 5000 square meters of public institutions and more than 20000 square meters social investment public buildings, the main transformation can use system such as air conditioning, hot water, lighting and building outside the window. Urban public lighting will focus on the transformation of light source, lampshade and control system, accelerate the application of LED lighting products, and eliminate incandescent lamps, high pressure mercury lamps and high pressure sodium lamps that fail to meet national standards.

Hainan province arranged special funds to support energy conservation reform.

On May 30, learn from, the hall of hainan province, hainan province circular economy and special funds for energy conservation, the special support the development of energy saving and circular economy, energy saving renovation project, resource conservation projects a number of projects can obtain financial support, including resource conservation project a maximum 10 million yuan subsidy.

Learned, according to the provincial financial department, the province office of ministry recently issued by the energy saving and circular economy of hainan province special fund management interim measures ", the special funds to support scope includes seven categories: energy-saving renovation project, including in areas such as industrial, construction, transportation, business hotel, to carry out the implementation of the boiler furnace energy-saving reformation, motor system and power grid transformation and lighting energy saving reconstruction project of energy conservation; Circular economy, renewable energy and other resources saving projects, including industrial "three wastes" use, agriculture, forestry and waste resource utilization, renewable resources recycling, waste recycling use and other key projects; Clean energy replacement projects for coal-fired boilers, including boilers for clean energy such as natural gas and biomass forming fuels; Circular economy demonstration, including the circular economy demonstration pilot cities and counties, parks and enterprises determined by provincial authorities; Demonstration of economical public institutions; Special fund project review, energy audit, investment audit, acceptance, supervision and inspection, and energy conservation related publicity, training, assessment, reward and other work; Other energy conservation efforts.

Guangxi's 11 million yuan renovation of urban lighting can save 30 percent.

Xinhuanet January 27 news, learns from guangxi autonomous region built hall, guangxi in 2015, a total of 11 million yuan of special funds for guangxi city lighting energy saving transformation, change is given priority to with LED light source of energy saving lamps and lanterns, or building lighting intelligent control system. After the project is completed, it is expected to achieve the target of 30% energy saving and greatly improve the urban lighting effect. Currently, the proportion of green energy-saving lamps used in urban road lighting in guangxi is about 65%, which will reach 68% after the transformation.

In order to use the money, well built hall and autonomous region live departments screened in the report according to the project of 17 cities and counties, support the local urban lighting energy-saving renovation work, change a new type of high efficiency and energy saving lamps and lanterns, represented by the LED lighting and construction management of intelligent control system. As of the end of November, 2015, the autonomous region has completed the energy-saving transformation of 16,280 street lamps. Next, the total will accelerate the urban lighting energy-saving modification, basically complete urban lighting of high energy consumption, high pollution of mercury lamp, incandescent lamp, and other products out of transformation, to ensure energy saving target.

At present, wuzhou, guiang, zhong shan and other cities and counties through the contract energy management mode to complete urban main secondary road lighting energy conservation reform, to achieve urban lighting efficient operation management. Guilin, guiping, cenxi and other cities and counties through the financial capital investment also gradually completed LED to represent the efficient energy-saving lamps and lanterns transformation and use. In addition, nanning, fangchenggang, hezhou, guests, fu sui, yongfu and other cities and counties are actively promoting urban lighting energy conservation reform.

Other hot spots:

Philips lighting -- philips lighting was listed on the Amsterdam stock exchange on May 27, and shares rose on Friday's first day of trading. Philips lighting rose 8 per cent to 20 euros ($22.36) in morning trading on euronext. The IPO's target price range is between 18.50 and 22.50 euros per share. That means philips has a market value of 3 billion euros, and the debt is 4.5 billion euros, making it the largest independent lighting manufacturer in the world.

SAN 'an optoelectronics -- a plant project jointly established by the institute of botany of the Chinese academy of sciences and fujian sanan group co., LTD., is located in hutou county, fujian province. Zhongke biological industrialization base of B1 first phase of the project the first plants with a total area of more than 9000 square meters factory, cultivation area of more than 7000 square meters, with three Ann photoelectric own special the floodlight plants, is expected to begin at the end of this month. According to the plan, the project plans to stage investment 7 billion yuan, the construction of plant institute of plant, plant factory industrialization base, storage, marketing and distribution system, the construction of production of high value-added factories plants such as vegetables, fruits, flowers, Chinese herbal medicine industrialization base, at the same time using cell culture and extraction technology, plant extract essence, health care products and medicine, is expected to hit after the annual output of more than 80 one hundred million yuan.