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Industrial green development plan (2016-2020)

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Notice of the ministry of industry and information technology on the issuance of the industrial green development plan (2016-2020).

The ministry of industry and information regulation [2016] no. 225.

The provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government and cities under separate state planning, sinkiang production and construction corps of industry and information technology departments, the provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government communications administration, the central enterprises, subordinate relevant business units:

For carrying out the law of the People's Republic of China on the 13th five-year plan for national economic and social development outline and "made in China 2025", accelerate the construction of ecological civilization, promote the green industrial development, I made the "industrial green development plan (2016-2020). Now print you, please combine with the actual implementation.

Ministry of industry and information technology.

June 30, 2016.

Industrial green development plan (2016-2020)

For the implementation of the thirteenth five-year plan for national economic and social development outline and "made in China 2025" strategy, accelerate the construction of ecological civilization, promote the green industrial development, formulate the plans.

First, the situation.

Adhere to the "twelfth five-year" period, the industry development of resource saving and environmentally friendly industry as an important focus of transformation and upgrading, the energy conservation and emissions reduction as an important gripper transfer mode, adjust structure, vigorously promote the technical innovation, promote energy conservation and environmental protection new technology, new equipment and new products, and gradually perfect the system of energy conservation and emissions reduction work, the successful completion of the 12th five-year target tasks. Industrial energy efficiency and water efficiency improved, the added value of industrial enterprises above designated size unit energy consumption fell 28%, to achieve energy saving 690 million tons of standard coal, unit water industrial output fell 35%, a year in advance to complete the "twelfth five-year" backward production capacity. Industrial clean production advanced application process technology large-scale demonstration and promotion, carry out toxic and harmful raw material substitution, industrial product green design promotion mechanism preliminary establishment. The comprehensive utilization of industrial resources has been steadily expanding, and the level of technological equipment has been continuously improved. In the past five years, about 7 billion tons of solid waste and 1.2 billion tons of renewable resources have been utilized. The energy conservation and environmental protection industry has been growing rapidly. In 2015, energy conservation and environmental protection equipment, comprehensive utilization of resources, energy-saving services and other energy conservation and environmental protection industries are worth about 4 trillion yuan.

In the next five years, it is a crucial period for the implementation of the strategy of manufacturing power, and a crucial stage for industrial green development. Resources and environment problem is a common challenge facing humanity, promote green growth, the implementation of green New Deal is the world's major economies of common choice, resources, energy efficiency has become the important factor of measuring national manufacturing industry competitiveness, promote green development is the inevitable way to enhance international competitiveness. Industry in our country in general has not yet out of high input, high consumption, high emission mode of development, resources, energy consumption is large, the ecological environment problem is prominent, the situation is still grim, urgently need to speed up the construction of high technology content, low resources consumption, little environmental pollution of the green manufacturing system. Green development, accelerate the industry is also promoting the supply side structural reform, promote the steady growth of industrial restructuring of the important measures to promote the energy saving achieve authors, increase efficiency, is beneficial to increase the effective supply of green products and services, supplement the green development.

2. General requirements.

(1) guiding ideology.

To carry out the party's 18 large and 18 class 3, 4, fifth plenary session of the spirit, firmly establish a innovation, coordination, the development of green, open, sharing ideas, the full implementation of manufacturing strategy, adhere to the resource conservation and environmental protection basic national policy, holding the green development, closely around resources, energy efficiency and cleaner production level, focusing on the traditional industrial green transformation, supported by green technology innovation, with laws and regulations to ensure standard system construction, the implementation of green manufacturing project, to speed up the construction of green manufacturing system, develop the green manufacturing industry, to promote green products, green plant, green park and green supply chain comprehensive development, establish and improve the green industry development of a long-term mechanism, improve the green international competitiveness, efficient, clean, low carbon and circulation of green development path, promote industrial civilization and ecological civilization harmonious communion, realizing the harmonious between human and nature.

(2) basic principles.

Innovation-driven, standards-led. We will promote innovation in science and technology innovation, management innovation and business model of industrial green development, and develop and popularize core key green technologies and equipment. We will speed up the improvement of standards for industrial energy efficiency, water efficiency, emissions and comprehensive utilization of resources, and implement green regulation in accordance with the law to guide green consumption.

Policy guidance, market promotion. We should give full play to the guiding role of the government in promoting the green development of industry, optimize industrial structure and regional layout, strengthen mechanism innovation, and form an effective incentive and restraint mechanism. Strengthen the enterprise to promote the industrial green development main body position, stimulate the enterprise vitality and the creativity, actively fulfill the social responsibility.

Improve the stock and optimize the increment. We will accelerate the upgrading of traditional manufacturing green upgrading, encourage the use of green and low-carbon energy, improve the efficiency of resource utilization, and eliminate backward equipment technology, and reduce the production of pollutants from the source. We will actively guide the green development of emerging industries, strengthen green design, accelerate the development of green products, and vigorously develop energy conservation and environmental protection industries.

Comprehensive promotion, key breakthrough. We will focus on addressing the resource and environmental problems in key industries, enterprises and regional development, and give full play to the driving role of pilot demonstrations. We will vigorously promote green development of emerging industries and small and medium-sized enterprises, and accelerate the overall level of industrial green development.

(3) development goals.

By 2020, the concept of green development become the common of the industrial whole process, green industrial development to promote basic formation mechanism, green manufacturing industry to become new economic growth engine new advantage and international competition, the overall level of the industrial green development significantly increased.

-- energy efficiency has been significantly improved. Industrial energy consumption growth is slowing, six industrial added value proportion of energy-intensive industries continue to fall, part of the heavy chemical industry energy consumption appeared inflection point, the main industry for energy consumption per unit product at or near the world's advanced level, some industry carbon emissions are close to the peak, green low carbon energy accounted for the proportion of industrial energy consumption increased significantly.

-- the level of resource utilization has been significantly improved. The water consumption per unit of industrial added value decreased further, and the comprehensive utilization rate of solid waste in bulk industry was further improved, and the utilization rate of major renewable resources increased steadily.

-- the level of cleaner production has increased substantially. Basic popularization advanced suitable cleaner production technology and equipment, steel, cement, paper and other key industries cleaner production level increased significantly, industrial emissions of sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, chemical oxygen demand (cod) and ammonia nitrogen decreased obviously, high-risk pollutant emissions cuts.

-- rapid development of green manufacturing industry. Green products, electric vehicles and new energy technology such as solar energy, wind power equipment manufacturing level significantly increased, the energy conservation and environmental protection equipment, products and services such as green industry to form a new economic growth point.

-- the green manufacturing system was initially established. Green manufacturing standards system basic establishment, green design and evaluation is widely used, set up hundreds of green demonstration garden and thousands of green demonstration plant, popularizing ten thousand species of green products, major industry preliminary formation of green supply chain.

Iii. Main tasks.

(1) vigorously promote energy efficiency and accelerate the realization of economic development.

Adhere to save first, vigorously promote the revolution of energy consumption, increase industrial energy efficiency, promote enterprise authors efficiency, speed up the formation of green intensive production mode, strengthen the key competitiveness of manufacturing industry.

We will use supply-side structural reform as a guide to promote structural energy conservation. The optimization of industrial structure and energy consumption structure as an important way to promote industrial energy saving in the new period, strengthen energy conservation assessment after review and evaluation, further improve the energy consumption, environmental protection and other barriers to entry, strictly control the energy-intensive industry capacity expansion. We will focus on industries such as steel, petrochemicals, building materials and non-ferrous metals, and actively use the standards of environmental protection, energy consumption, technology, technology, quality and safety, and eliminate backward and eliminate overcapacity in accordance with the law. We will accelerate the development of advanced manufacturing and strategic emerging industries with low energy consumption and low pollution, and promote the transformation of manufacturing to service-oriented manufacturing. We will energetically adjust the product structure and actively develop high value-added, low consumption and low emission products. Vigorously promote industrial energy consumption structure of green low carbon transition, encourage enterprises to the development and utilization of renewable energy, accelerate the construction of industrial enterprise distributed energy center, in the condition of industrial park or enterprise implementation of coal to gas, or renewable energy to replace fossil energy, promote green lighting. We will implement the action plan for clean and efficient use of coal, and promote clean, efficient and efficient use of coal in areas such as coking, coal chemical, industrial boilers and kilns.

The application of advanced technology and equipment is the means to strengthen the energy saving. Comprehensively promote the traditional industry energy-saving technological transformation, and thorough going efforts to promote key industries, key enterprises special action efficiency and speed up the promotion of high temperature and high pressure dry quenching, no ball grinding, the structure of the new type aluminium electrolytic cell, intelligent control and other advanced technology. We will continue to promote energy efficiency improvement projects in boilers, motors, transformers and other common equipment, and organize the implementation of energy efficiency improvement plan for air compressor system. Around the energy-intensive industries, speed up technological innovation, the implementation system energy saving transformation, to encourage the advanced energy saving technology of integrated optimization is applied, the promotion of electric steel such as short process technology and liquid aluminum straight for the, promote industrial energy saving from local, monomer to the whole process, the system transformation of energy conservation. Improve product lightweight level, promotion of composite materials, light alloy, vacuum aluminum plating paper high resilient a new materials, promotion of ultra-high strength steel hot stamping technology, vacuum pressure casting, ultra high vacuum forming process of thin wall casting such as lightweight. To popularize the power generation, heating and recycling of low-grade residual heat, and actively promote the use of low-grade waste heat from steel, chemical industry and other industries to heat the urban residents and promote the integration of the city. We will implement energy conservation and reconstruction projects in industrial parks, strengthen the use of energy steps in the park, and promote central heating and cooling.

Energy management system construction as the core, improve management energy conservation. Implement the mandatory energy consumption standard, in the electrolytic aluminium, cement industry to implement the price policy of ladder price, differential electricity price. Will promote the construction of key enterprises energy management system, energy management system throughout the whole process of production of the enterprise, regularly carry out energy audit, energy audit, energy efficiency diagnosis and measurement of standard, explore energy-saving potential, building energy efficiency promote long-term mechanism. Implementation of key industry energy efficiency leaders to lead actions to drive the overall energy efficiency of the industry. We will build a public service platform around the energy conservation management of small and medium-sized industrial enterprises, organize and carry out energy conservation service companies into enterprise activities, and comprehensively improve the energy management awareness and capabilities of small and medium-sized enterprises. Strengthen industrial supervision, organization to carry out mandatory energy consumption, energy efficiency standards, jitc and backward eliminated energy-using equipment supervision, the implementation of key industries, key energy-using enterprise special supervision and inspection, strictly enforce the energy conservation law and the industrial energy saving measures for the administration of such laws and regulations. We will further improve the three-level energy conservation monitoring system in provinces, cities and counties covering the whole country, support the improvement of hardware facilities, carry out business training, and earnestly perform the monitoring functions.

(2) make solid progress in cleaner production and substantially reduce pollution emissions.

We will carry out cleaner production technologies for key pollutants, promote green basic manufacturing processes, reduce the intensity of pollutant emissions, and promote the implementation of action plans for air, water and soil pollution prevention and control.

Reduce the use of toxic and harmful materials. Revision of the state shall encourage the poisonous and harmful material to replace directory, guide enterprises in the process of production using non-toxic harmless or less harmful material, low cut or avoid the generation of pollutants from fountainhead, promote the poisonous and harmful material to replace. We will further restrict the use of toxic and harmful substances in key products such as electrical appliances and automobiles. We will continue to implement the plan to reduce the number of high-risk pollutants, strengthen the replacement of mercury, lead and high toxic pesticides, and gradually expand the scope of implementation to reduce environmental risks. We will implement the plan for the reduction of volatile organic matter, and promote the replacement or reduction technology in coatings, furniture, printing, automobile manufacturing coating, rubber products, shoes and other key industries. Promote chrome-free refractory materials.

We will promote the transformation of cleaner production technologies. For sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, chemical oxygen demand (cod), ammonia nitrogen, smoke dust (powder), such as the main pollutants, actively guide key industry enterprises to implement cleaner production technology reform, gradually establish based on the effective implementation of clean production mode of technological progress. In beijing-tianjin-hebei, Yangtze river delta, the pearl river delta, northeast China and other key areas to organize the implementation of iron and steel, building materials and other key industries and clean production level project, reduce sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, smoke dust emission intensity (powder). In the Yangtze river, Yellow River basin to organize the implementation of key industries such as clean production level project, reduce the papermaking industry, chemical industry, printing and dyeing, chemical pharmaceuticals, electroplating and other industry waste water emissions and chemical oxygen demand (cod), ammonia nitrogen pollutants emission intensity. We will promote the prevention and control of soil pollution sources in the industrial sector, and promote advanced and applicable soil restoration technology and equipment and products.

We will strengthen water conservation and pollution reduction. Around the steel, chemical industry, papermaking, printing and dyeing, beverages such as water consumption, the implementation of water enterprise leader lead action, water for water balance test and water effect of the training, vigorously promote water-saving technology reform, promoting industrial water-saving technology, technology and equipment. Strengthening water industry enterprise production process and process water management, strict enforcement of national standards for water ration, around the water industry and water shortage region to carry out the special action of water-saving in industry, improve the efficiency of industrial water. Promote water resources recycling and industrial waste water recycle, promotion of franchising, operation of specialized water saving model, promote industrial park intensive utilization of water resources, implementing and wastewater centralized treatment of cascade utilization of water reuse. Promote water, reclaimed water and sea water development and utilization of unconventional water resources, such as support unconventional the industrialization demonstration project of water resources, promote the iron and steel, thermal power, and other enterprises make full use of the water in the city, support conditional park, enterprises in rainwater collection and utilization.

Promote green basic manufacturing process. Promote clean and efficient manufacturing process, with casting, heat treatment, welding, plating, etc as the key point, popularizing alloy without oxidation reduction and heat treatment, heat treatment atmosphere clean vacuum induction heat treatment such as high efficiency and energy saving low pressure carburizing heat treatment, heat treatment process, lead-free wave soldering antioxidant, nitrogen lead-free reflow welding, high efficiency saving material friction welding such as welding technology, remove oil, green lead-free plating, trivalent chromium electroplating, plating chromium alternative clean plating technology, such as reducing energy consumption and pollutant emissions in the manufacturing process. The short process, no waste production, focusing on near net shaping, digital without casting material, manufacturing, and new type anticorrosion technology for green materials such as short process, and the dry machining trace lubrication machining, casting and low temperature waste heat aging heat treatment, no waste, such as manufacturing technology to reduce resource consumption in the process of production.

Third, strengthen comprehensive utilization of resources and continue to promote circular development.

In accordance with the principle of reduction, reuse, recycling, to speed up the constructing circular industrial system, promote enterprise, park, industry, regional links between symbiotic and coordination use, greatly improve the efficiency of resource utilization.

We will vigorously promote the comprehensive utilization of industrial solid waste. With high value, as the key point, large-scale, intensive utilization around the tailings and waste rock, coal gangue, fly ash and smelting slag, metallurgical dust mud, red mud, the industrial by-product gypsum, industrial solid waste, such as chemical residues, extend the use of a number of advanced technology and equipment, promote the deep utilization. Deepening of chengde, it is mined here, guiyang, such as comprehensive utilization of resources base construction, choose to have foundation, has the potential, clear regional industrial concentration and demonstration effect, reasonable layout, prominent characteristics, management system and mode of operation and management innovation, strengthen to build a complete industrial solid waste comprehensive utilization of industrial chain. We will explore the synergy between the comprehensive utilization of resources and industrial areas.