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Energy saving policy

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A notice concerning the evaluation of the single consumption calculation standard for the pilot industrial fixed assets investment project.

2018-03-02  admin 阅读 178

Review of the feasibility of the pilot industrial fixed asset investment project.

Notification of single consumption calculation standard.

Township people's government, street offices, pinghu economic and technological development zone management committee, dushan port administrative committee, municipal government departments, municipal units:

To implement the provincial government "about in pinghu city industrial structure adjustment mechanism innovation pilot notice, established on the basis of the unit energy consumption management system, further accurate examination industrial fixed assets investment projects can use consumption level, to achieve and can be used in industry of corresponding statistical system, can prevent project review report distortion, which affects energy saving target task to complete. Research by, comprehensive energy consumption of the zhuhai 1000 tce (equivalent) industrial fixed assets investment projects for new energy consumption per unit industrial added value calculation standard (hereinafter referred to as unit consumption standards). The notice is as follows:

More than a 1000 tce, zhuhai (equivalent) industrial fixed assets investment projects, the project access, energy audit and energy-using quota and the right to use can fees, etc., can be control standards with industry province with combined with a project to review report, control 70% of the standard unit consumption calculation standard according to the province and to review the report calculated 30% addition, no longer alone can review the unit consumption of indicators. Our city transfer project also according to this standard preliminary examination.

Second, the industrial project of investment in fixed assets if no province control standards of industry involved, according to jiaxing released industry can use standard (index), such as the above two standards, is adopted to the numerical evaluation report.

3. The single consumption calculation standard of 1000 tons of coal (equivalent) and the following industrial fixed asset investment projects in our city still adopts the evaluation report value.

4. The approved projects shall be subject to paid use and transaction, and shall be implemented in accordance with the measures for the paid use and trading of power in the city of pinghu (ping zhengfa [2017] no. 71). Right to pretest can use quota license, the enterprise project acceptance after the assessment, to issue a formal right of use can quota license, shall not be acceptance by the project to energy saving assessment and review, payment of the balance can use rights fees.

Annex: 1. Guide for energy efficiency of zhejiang province (high energy consumption industry);

2. Energy efficiency standard of jiaxing city (2013 version).

Pinghu city economic and information bureau.

January 6, 2018

Cc: jiaxing municipal commission, municipal government, city energy monitoring team, qian yong biao vice mayor.

Pinghu city economic and information bureau office issued on January 8, 2018.