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Energy saving policy

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An industry directory that does not conduct energy conservation audits alone.

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The national development and reform commission.

Notice on the publication of the industry catalogue for non-exclusive energy conservation review.


The reform of the circular no. [2017] 1975.

Including administration, ministry of education, ministry of industry and information technology, ministry of finance, housing, urban and rural construction ministry, the ministry of transport, ministry of commerce, state-owned assets supervision and administration, quality supervision, inspection and quarantine, statistics bureau, the China banking regulatory commission, GuoGuanJu, energy bureau, grain bureau, the provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government and cities under separate state planning, sinkiang production and construction corps of the national development and reform commission, the region by the letter committee (ministry committee, the ministry hall, the letter bureau), the energy bureau of zhejiang province:

To further deepen the reform of the "pipes", according to the energy conservation law of the People's Republic of China measures for the energy audit of the fixed asset investment projects in 2016, 44 (national development and reform commission order), will now "no separate catalogue of industry of energy audit printed and distributed to you, and we will notify the following related matters.

One, for this directory project, the construction unit is not separate energy saving report, can be in the project feasibility study report or project application report for project energy utilization and energy saving measures and energy efficiency level is analyzed.

Ii. The energy conservation inspection authorities shall no longer carry out the energy conservation examination independently of the items in this catalog, and shall not issue any opinions on energy conservation examination.

Three, the construction unit investment programs in this directory should be building energy saving standards, in accordance with the relevant specification, using energy-saving technologies, processes and equipment, strengthening energy conservation management, constantly improve the level of project efficiency.

Around four, energy conservation and management should be based on the energy conservation law of the People's Republic of China, the measures for the energy audit of fixed assets investment projects and the measures for the supervision, the national development and reform commission in 2016 33 order), to supervise the project in this catalogue, in violation of energy conservation laws and regulations, standards, specifications of projects.

comprehensive energy consumption of less than 1000 tons of standard coal, and in less than 5 million kilowatt-hours of electricity consumption of fixed assets investment projects, and projects involving state secrets with reference to the above provisions shall be applicable.

Vi. This notice shall be executed from the date of issuance.

Annex: the industry directory that does not carry out energy conservation examination alone.

The national development and reform commission.

November 15, 2017.

The attachment

An industry directory that does not conduct energy conservation audits alone.

The wind power plant

Photovoltaic power station (light heat)

Biomass energy

Geothermal energy,

Nuclear power plant

Hydropower station

Pumped storage power station.

Power grid construction

Oil pipeline network, gas pipeline network.

Water conservancy

Railway (including independent railway Bridges, tunnels)


Urban road

Inland waterway transport

Information (communication) network (excluding data center), e-government.

Satellite ground system