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Urgent notice on the emergency work of energy saving and consumption reduction in the whole city.

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Pinghu energy conservation and emission reduction leading group energy saving office documents.

Ping energy conservation [2017] no. 9.

Urgent notice on the emergency work of energy saving and consumption reduction in the whole city.


Towns, streets, pinghu economic and technological development zone, dushan port economic development zone, municipal authorities:

This year, the city's energy conservation and consumption situation is very serious. According to the "energy" double control "on further strengthening the work to complete the annual target assignment notice (zhejiang change energy [2017] no. 860)," energy "double control" on further strengthening the city's work to ensure that the annual goal task of emergency notification "(jia JieNengBan [2017] no. 8), and" on further strengthening energy-intensive enterprise limited electricity work of emergency notification "(flat energy-saving [2017] no. 8) spirit, combined with air quality control work, studies, decided to carry out the city's emergency work, saving energy and reducing consumption to ensure complete the annual target of jiaxing from zhuhai. The relevant matters are hereby notified as follows:

I. work objective.

To ensure the city's 2017 per unit of GDP energy consumption reduced rate of 5.99%, in November and December from the city of jiaxing city within 605 million kilowatt-hours of electricity control, power supply 4.34 KWH of pinghu, littoral power supply within 1.71 KWH.

Second, emergency measures.

From now on, the implementation of industrial and non-industrial power brownouts.

(1) power brownouts in the industrial sector.

1. 13 key energy-using enterprises and 8 enterprises with energy consumption growth will be able to limit the production capacity of 20 days according to the plan. The early November part has been started and must be fully activated this week.

2, 24 on the gauge, gauge 210 class D enterprises, under the rules under the abnormal growth of electricity enterprises, stroller, building renovation closure of enterprises, the implementation of distributed limit can power brownouts, strictly implement differentiated prices, enterprise distributed maintenance time accumulative total more than two weeks, the comprehensive energy consumption of the annual zero growth.

3. The company shall carry out regular maintenance and maintenance of 60 enterprises in the chemical, glass, thermoelectric, printing and dyeing, building materials, casting, spraying and printing industries listed in the emergency plan for environmental quality assurance.

4. To suspend transformer newspaper installation access for high-energy industry projects that have been completed but not yet put into production; For high-energy-consuming enterprises that have been completed and are in trial production after approval and approval, the company has ceased production.

5. The implementation of the high energy consumption project will be suspended, and the new eight high energy consumption projects and data center projects in the city will be temporarily suspended or approved.

(2) power brownouts in non-industrial areas.

1, party and government organs, comprehensive office building, hotel, restaurant, shopping malls, supermarkets, such as save electricity, strict control of air conditioning temperature not to exceed 20 ℃ in winter.

2. All lighting projects in the city (except for major activities approved), advertising lights, neon lights, landscape lights, etc. are all deactivated, and road lighting intervals are opened.

Iii. Work requirements.

(1) to strengthen organizational leadership. Each town's streets and development zones should set up a working group to strengthen the organization and leadership of the emergency work for energy conservation and consumption reduction. The main leaders will personally take charge of the town and supervise the implementation of the leadership. The member units of the leading group of energy conservation and consumption reduction in the city shall work together to carry out energy saving and power reduction.

(2) clarify the division of responsibilities. The municipal bureau of information and information administration is responsible for coordinating the monitoring and control of energy saving and consumption in the city, finding out the difficult problems in time and implementing the early warning and control measures. The municipal statistics bureau is responsible for strengthening the statistical guidance, analysis and summarization of energy consumption in the whole city, and timely completing the calculation and calculation of relevant data; The municipal bureau of affairs is responsible for the energy conservation of public institutions, and strictly controls the temperature and daily lighting of winter air-conditioning. The municipal planning and construction bureau will be responsible for the energy conservation work of cityscape lighting such as the city investment company and the municipal bureau of culture and culture. Pinghu power supply company and coastal power supply coordination is responsible for towns streets and coordinating development zone to power electricity work, do a good job in the maintenance of the power supply circuit in a timely manner to years of line maintenance works carried out in advance to years ago, once a day about 21 key energy-using enterprise electricity situation, at least two times a week on the city's power companies for power rationing electricity, prepared to mandatory power cuts; The other member units of the leading group on energy conservation and consumption reduction in the municipal development, agriculture, economy, transportation and other cities shall, in accordance with their respective functions and responsibilities, fully support the coordination of electricity control and energy conservation and consumption reduction; Towns streets and development zone in accordance with the requirements, the electricity power brownouts concrete scheme for implementation, will put the blame the capa to involve every enterprise, to ensure the electricity power brownouts measures into practice, etc.

(3) the discharge of power failure is in place. Companies planning to stop production must stop production all day, leaving only 10 percent of their security and living capacity. The limit of production limit can be limited to electricity, and it should be strictly implemented in accordance with the previous tasks. Enterprises must implement the 1 head every day before 15:00 on written or email form our enterprise to a day without power rationing and the next day power electricity plan, submitted to the town streets, summary of development zone.

(4) strengthen supervision and assessment. One is about 21 enterprises set up corresponding electricity power brownouts emergency inspection, the municipal via letter, in charge of power supply and the town street development zone development zone and the town streets of specific staff, involving town street developing specific staff list on November 21st day shift, by the trust. The second is the emergency inspection is responsible for enterprise use electric power plan implementation supervision and inspection of once every 2 days, for the supervision and inspection found problems in a timely manner to city JieNengBan, city verifier do, to ensure the electricity power brownouts measures put in place. For lack of control of enterprise, they shall be ordered to correct, for companies refused to correct immediately implement mandatory power cuts and to extend the time of electricity, given a yellow card for the first time and increase the power power brownouts time 3 days, the second red card warning and increase power power brownouts time 7 days.

Implement strict measures. Not implement emergency plans according to the requirement of enterprises, the limited number of new project, the energy consumption indicators shall be reduced accordingly 10% next year, enjoy, carrying out a policy recommendation PingXian elements and resources arrangement "one ticket veto", implement differentiation electricity tariffs.