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Urgent notice concerning the further strengthening of the limit energy limit for high-energy enterprises.

2018-03-02  admin 阅读 155

Urgent notice concerning the further strengthening of the limit energy limit for high-energy enterprises.


Township people's government, street offices, pinghu economic and technological development zone management committee, dushan port economic development zone management committee, related enterprises:

Superior issued this year the city unit GDP energy consumption decreased target for more than 5.99%, but in August 1 - grim situation of energy consumption index operation, the gauge dropped 5.5%, and the energy consumption of industrial added value of ten thousand yuan on the whole society power increases by 11.8%, the need to take urgent limit to electricity, with the approval of the municipal government, notice the following:

1. Limited energy enterprises and targets.

Key limit can power brownouts 21 and D class enterprise, including 13 and determine in early September to determine energy consumption growing faster eight companies, can the enterprise should be limited to 30000 tons, 100 million KWH electricity.

(I) 13 key enterprises can limit electricity to enterprises. According to the instructions about 2017 13 key energy-using enterprise budget can paraphrase index notice (flat energy-saving [2017] no. 1) requirement, can use for the whole year 942000 tons, the growth of 1%, the corresponding power consumption 1.744 billion KWH. Seven companies must absorb 0.66 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity in January and August (see table 1).

(2) eight energy-consuming enterprises are limited to electricity. Implementing the notice on strengthening energy-intensive businesses can work (flat energy-saving [2017] no. 6) in total energy consumption or consumption growth fast 8 companies in power brownouts, digestive exceeds 3.69 million KWH electricity, whole life under 98.8 million kilowatt hours of electricity (see chart 2), electricity will stop production capacity production time of 14 days.

(3) limit production limit of class D enterprises. Under the regulation of the differential electricity price, 24 companies and 210 D enterprises are under the restriction of production limit, the limit of production and overhaul time is over two weeks, the total amount of electricity is cut by more than 5%, and the annual total energy consumption is zero.

Ii. Work requirements.

(I) clear target responsibility. City bureau is responsible for the limit of the letter can power brownouts index calculation and scheme formulated issued and towns street is responsible for the implementation of corporate limit can power brownouts index formulation and execution, electricity limit can reflect, synchronization and complete the annual energy saving goal task, the whole town street in the fourth quarter increased month by month electricity control, actual total fixed number of year to power brownouts.

(2) implement enterprise measures. Each town street direction and urge the enterprise to discharge the limit energy limit electricity work measure plan, the specific production line and the time of the fourth quarter limit production, must be between October and November centralized arrangement. The enterprise limited production plan to report each town street, the city via the letter bureau. At the same time, we should formulate and implement safety production measures to ensure the safety, safety and safety of employees.

(3) strengthen the implementation of monitoring. City by letter bureau supervision, operation analysis monthly monitoring enterprise electricity limit production task to carry out the situation and communicate, the monthly limit requirements of indicators, forced to limit production shutdown maintenance measures are put forward, until the complete target.