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Notice of the implementation of limited energy limits in 2017.

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Notice in 2017 on the implementation of limited energy limits (hangings).doc

Energy conservation [2017] no. 6.

Notice on strengthening the limits of energy-consuming enterprises.


Township people's government, street offices, pinghu economic and technological development zone management committee, dushan port economic development zone management committee, related enterprises:

Issued for implementation of jiaxing "about" much starker choices-and graver consequences-in "period and the notice in 2017, the task of energy conservation and emissions reduction target (jia ZhengBan hair [2017] 54) requirements, saving energy and reducing consumption for zhuhai grim situation, decision since October of this year since the year 1000 tons of energy consumption, the energy consumption unit energy consumption rising, fast growth of energy-intensive enterprises, which can" double control "requirement, notice the following:

1. Limited energy enterprises and targets.

(I) 13 key enterprises can limit energy to enterprises. In accordance with the notice concerning the release of the indicators for the allocation of energy resources for enterprises in 2017 (ping an energy [2017] no. 1), it is required to be implemented, with a growth rate of 94.23 million tons for the whole year, an increase of 1%.

(2) the energy consumption of 10 energy-consuming enterprises is limited. The limit of production and maintenance time is up to two weeks, and the limit of production limit is cut by more than 5%, and the comprehensive energy consumption growth is controlled within 10%. Enterprises with new production projects have increased energy consumption and output (see schedule 1).

(3) energy consumption of 10 units of energy consumption increased by 10 units. Asked the enterprise growth and output value and added value of synchronous growth, energy consumption unit energy consumption rise significantly dropped in the fourth quarter, the added value of ten thousand yuan energy consumption decreased by more than 2% or 0% respectively (see table 2).

Ii. Work requirements.

(a) each related enterprises should according to the electricity limit can target discharge power brownouts limit can plan, report the town streets, developing economic construction service center, the bureau and the city bureau of energy division, the letter and ensure implementation in place.

(2) the streets and development zones of each town shall urge the relevant enterprises to strictly comply with the limit energy limit, formulate plans and supervise the implementation.

(3) for enterprises that do not meet the requirements of the target, they will reduce the target of budget allocation in the next year, and strictly implement the policies of differential electricity price and the power price of super power.

Hereby notice.

Pinghu energy conservation and emission reduction work leading group energy saving office.

September 29, 2017.

Annex: 10 list of enterprises with fast energy consumption and 10 energy consumption.

Cc: city hall, city governor, liu zhonghua mayor, qian yong biao vice mayor.

The office of energy conservation and emission reduction in pinghu city is issued on September 29, 2017.