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Implementation method of the linkage mechanism of central heating coal price in pinghu city (revised)

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Ping jingxin energy [2016] no. 194.




Notice on the implementation method (amendment) of the linkage mechanism of central heating coal price in pinghu city.


Township people's governments, street offices, development zone management committee, relevant heating units, heating units:

According to the investigation and solicit opinions from the heating with heat unit, the revision has perfected the pinghu central heating thermal coal price linkage mechanism implementing measures (revised), are hereby printed and distributed, executed carefully, please.

December 22, 2016.


Cc: the municipal government, the change (price) bureau, qian yong biao vice mayor.

The office of the economic and informatization bureau of pinghu city issued on December 22, 2016.


Implementation method of the linkage mechanism of central heating coal price in pinghu city (revised)


Article 1 in order to further improve the level of central heating in our city, we shall rationalize the formation and adjustment mechanism of heating prices, and ensure the legitimate rights and interests of both parties. We will improve the linkage mechanism for coal thermal prices, and establish a fair, reasonable and credible central heating market environment, according to the original measures (trial).

Article 2 these measures shall be applicable to the price management of the central heating and low-pressure steam (pressure no. 1.0mpa) in the administrative region of our city (excluding jiaxing port area).

Article 3 the term "heating price" as mentioned in the present measures refers to the steam price of the centralized heating enterprises in our city to settle the settlement with the hot units.

Article 4 heating price formation is based on certain benchmark prices, according to the raw coal heating enterprises purchase price change trend, and the changes of the reasonable cost of production, timely adjust steam supply price tag, and the corresponding step steam price adjustment. At the same time, according to the factors such as the size of the heating company and the distance of the pipeline, the differential price coefficient of each heating enterprise is determined.

Article 5 benchmark price. In 2010, the municipal price bureau hearing through the method of calculation, at 5000 kcal coal calorific value was base purchase price is 655 yuan per ton, the raw coal production steam 6 tons per ton for the standard, combined with environmental protection requirement, rising labor costs and increased spending on environmental protection, labor cost prices, considering the conditions of actual, determine the steam benchmark prices for 180 yuan per ton.

Article 6 the price of coal thermal linkage steam construction. By the municipal released by the bureau of letters according to qinhuangdao coal www.cqcoal.com period, 5000 kcal coal fob qinhuangdao, average price, plus the qinhuangdao port to zhapu port freight price (2-30000 tons ship form standard), as the average price to the port of raw coal, according to the benchmark price 655 yuan of the corresponding to the port of raw coal benchmark price is 430 yuan, calculate and determine the steam suggested price, and set the thermal coal price linkage coefficient range. Calculation formula:

The steam construction price = [(the original coal average price: the original coal average value -1) x coal cost ratio +1] x steam reference price x coal price coefficient x differential coefficient.

Coefficient of thermal coal price linkage refers to changes in prices of each steam and the ratio of the coal price changes, set the coefficient of the range of 0.16-0.26, namely the raw coal to the port on average than each and 1 yuan price of steam and base is 0.16 yuan, FengDingJia 0.26 yuan, when calculating the steam price tag applies more than execution time interval.

Article 7 coal cost ratio. The price of steam is composed of coal, thermal power unit equipment, environmental protection equipment, operation and human cost, etc. Other costs, other cost survey data are 250 yuan/ton coal, and the coal cost ratio is:

The cost of coal is equal to the average price of raw coal (the average price of raw coal + other cost 250).

Article 8 coal price coefficient. When coal price rises, the ratio of steam price increases correspondingly. When the average price of raw coal is lower than that of the original coal, the coal price coefficient is 1. When the average price of raw coal is higher than that of the original coal price, the ratio is determined as the average price of raw coal.

The coal price coefficient =1-(the average price of raw coal is based on the original coal base price -1);

Article 9 differential coefficient. Each heating pipe size, distance from different enterprises thermoelectric unit, determine the differential coefficient of thermal co., LTD., zhejiang pinghu city source RongSheng environmental paper co., LTD., the price differential coefficient is 1.05; The coefficient of binhai thermal co., ltd. is 1. In addition to the change of coal price, the heating enterprises may apply for, raise the evidence, and announce the adjustment after approval.