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On the implementation of general non-energy-intensive industrial projects.

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Cica resources [2016] no. 111.



On the implementation of general non-energy-intensive industrial projects.

A notification of a commitment to the preparation of a document.


Each county (city, district) through letter (business) bureau, jiaxing economic and technological development zone, jiaxing port area through the bureau:

To further deepen the reform of the way of project examination and approval, the transformation government function, simplify examination and approval links, stimulating business investment activity, promote effective investment, according to the zhejiang province to implement the energy conservation law of the People's Republic of China > method ", "the general office of the people's government of zhejiang province in zhoushan islands new district, jiashan county, haining, shaoxing ko bridge to carry out the approved directory outside enterprise investment project is no longer the pilot reform of examination and approval notice (zhejiang zheng it [2014] no. 12), the zhejiang province by the letter committee on reform pilot can develop regional evaluation guidance (trial)" (zhejiang the letter [2016] no. 188) resources such as file spirit, combining the reality of our city, decided since August 2016 the energy-intensive industry projects to review the implementation of general records. The notice is as follows:

One, can evaluate the project industry classification. Classify management according to high energy consumption and general industry. Non-metallic mineral products, metal smelting and rolling processing industry, chemical raw materials and chemical products manufacturing industry, chemical fiber industry, oil processing and coking nuclear fuel processing industry, textile industry (including the printing and dyeing, finalize the design, such as finishing, spinning, weaving, etc), paper and paper products, electric heat production and supply industry, such as the eight energy-intensive industries for key industries and data center project, the other for general industry.

Second, the general industry project implements the promise preparation. Projects can use 5000 tce (value) such as above, the original jiaxing implement energy-saving evaluation of energy-intensive industries can project implementation evaluation of general records and directly by the investment subject to jiaxing by letter committee to review applications is proposed.

Third, the eight high energy consumption projects still implement the ability to evaluate management. Eight major energy-consuming profession project still perform the zhejiang province to implement the energy conservation law of the People's Republic of China > method "and" zhejiang industrial fixed assets investment project implementing rules for the energy conservation assessment and review (zhejiang resources via letter [2012] no. 169) and other relevant regulations, to carry out the project to a review of the work.

Fourth, strengthen the after-the-fact supervision. Around the department in charge of energy conservation and energy watchdog should strengthen the energy-saving regulation of key areas, key industries, adopt the mode of regular and irregular site inspection, industrial policy, the production process involved in the project, main energy-using equipment selection, energy saving measures, etc., commitment and energy audit opinion or registration content consistency of conducting supervision and inspection, found that the problem timely rectification to urge enterprises.

5. Implementation of project completion energy conservation acceptance and energy efficiency evaluation. Stable operation six months after the completion of the construction unit must apply to the project completion inspection and acceptance, by the department in charge of jiaxing energy-saving, jiaxing city, zhejiang province, after the completion inspection and acceptance requirements for the acceptance and assessment, if discover the promises of implementation does not reach the designated position, rectification within a time limit shall be ordered to enterprises, the inadequate rectification, by the relevant law enforcement agencies, according to the zhejiang province to implement the energy conservation law of the People's Republic of China > way "concerned regulation processing, when it is necessary to suspend production of power supply in the project.

Six, the city of haining city is zhejiang province area can evaluate pilot area. According to the pilot document on the reform of the regional energy assessment committee of the provincial economic and economic commission, haining is responsible for the implementation of all projects in the city.

Vii. Commitment filing process. Eligible industrial projects, enterprises can according to the "fixed assets investment project energy saving commitment for the record table" (see table) requirements fill out the form, content, to jiaxing by letter to apply for registration, and submit the following materials:

1. The competent department of energy conservation at the county level shall issue two copies of the application documents for energy conservation examination (including the contents of the initial energy right);

2. Project feasibility study report;

3. The qualified energy conservation assessment agency shall prepare two reports for energy conservation assessment;

4. Two copies of energy conservation commitments for fixed asset investment projects;

5. Other materials to be provided.

The above materials should be submitted electronically.



Jiaxing economic and information commission.

August 23, 2016.



Fixed assets investment project energy saving commitment record form.


The project name:

Date of filling:                                               No. :

Project overview

Project construction unit


The construction site

Project nature

□new   □reconstruction   □extension

Total project investment (ten thousand yuan)

Transformer capacity, model.(KVA)

Estimated annual industrial output value (ten thousand yuan)

Project industry

Whether to use the total energy.Index trading

In energy

Types of energy



The year requires substantial quantities.

Refer to the discount factor.

Annual energy consumption (broken ton standard coal)

Electric power

Million kilowatt hour

(equal value)

(when measured)

Total annual energy consumption (tons of coal)

(equal value)/(when value)

Construction scale and main content (including main equipment and process) :








Other conditions that need to be explained (including energy conservation measures) :









The unit solemnly undertakes:

1. The materials and data provided by this unit are true and effective;

2. This project does not belong to the project scope of the eight energy-consuming industries of jiaxing industrial investment;

3. This project does not belong to the restriction and elimination of the national industrial structure adjustment guidance catalogue, and conforms to the local industrial policy, which meets the requirements of regional industrial development planning;

4. The energy consumption and electricity consumption of the project's units are in accordance with the national and provincial standards for the entry of relevant industries (there is no admittance standard, the implementation limit standard or the local energy efficiency guide);

5. The use of energy equipment and production processes that are eliminated by the state in the absence of the state;

6. The energy consumption of this project does not include coal;

7. In the course of the implementation of this project, strict compliance with relevant national laws and regulations on energy conservation will be strictly observed.

8. The total energy consumption of this project can be controlled in () tons of coal, and the energy consumption of industrial added value is not higher than the predicted value of 0.70 tons of coal/yuan (equal value and current price) at the end of the 13th five-year plan of jiaxing city.

If there is any violation, the unit is willing to accept the punishment imposed by relevant authorities according to relevant laws and regulations.




                                                                             Business owner (signature) :

                                                                                      (letter of attorney)

                                                                                                                Year month day

Opinions on energy conservation examination and registration:

1. After review and acceptance, the principle agrees to record the energy conservation assessment of the project.

2. The project construction unit shall further strengthen energy conservation management, implement energy conservation measures, and ensure that the total energy control of the project is within the commitment number and shall not be breached.

3. The project can be dealt with by local authorities.

4. After the completion of the project, please timely handle the acceptance procedures of energy conservation examination.


Jiaxing economic and information commission (seal)

                                                          (date) (month) (year)


Note: 1. The reference coefficient of various energy standard coal is referred to the general principles of comprehensive energy consumption calculation (GB/T2589).

Cc: jiaxing energy monitoring team.

The office of the economic and information commission of jiaxing was issued on August 23, 2016.