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The pollution prevention and control of volatile organic compounds was made by four "strictest".

2018-03-02  admin 阅读 125

Volatile organic exhaust (VOCs) is one of the most common atmospheric pollutants, and is also a key precursor of ozone. It has an impact on environment quality, plant and animal growth, and human health. VOCs comes from a complex source, except for industrial waste gas, and from car exhaust, food and beverage fumes, dry cleaners, and automobile spray paint, which are closely related to everyone's life.

The development of VOCs governance has always been an important part of the prevention and control of air pollution in the development zone.

In order to further promote VOCs control, effective prevention and control of ozone pollution, comprehensive do environmental protection work of the G20 summit, yesterday afternoon, deputy director of the party working committee, management committee of the development zone Ma Jiajun led visited restaurants, motor repair shop in the area, dry cleaners and industrial enterprise, and will listen to each department held about volatile organic compounds treatment of propulsion.

As early as 2010, the development zone started VOCs governance work, which mainly carried out governance in key industries such as rubber, chemical industry, chemical fiber, printing and dyeing, printing packaging and spraying. By the end of last year, more than 60 industrial waste gas treatment projects had been completed in the region, with a total reduction of 3,500 tons of VOCs annual emissions.

The governance effort, however, did not stop there. According to the deployment and requirements, this year, the development zone environmental protection bureau established the special development zone in 2016 volatile organic compounds pollution prevention action plan, further refine VOCs control content, clear division of responsibility of each department and the time node.

From the point of special operation scheme, industrial production, automobile paint, wall decoration, dry cleaning, catering lampblack, outdoor barbecue, gas station in seven aspects, such as exhaust gas treatment, have been incorporated into the focus of VOCs control.

Among them, it is the most important content to grasp VOCs governance of industrial enterprises. This year, the epa has the zhongce rubber group co., LTD., hangzhou electronic co., LTD and hangzhou crown guangdong co., LTD., a total of 14 companies issued VOCs control task, and asked which belongs to spraying, printing and packaging industry enterprise to complete before the end of July. It is understood that after the 14 enterprises have completed the overall management, it is estimated that the annual emission of VOCs in the region could be reduced by about 500 tons. Up to now, seven companies have completed the project, reducing VOCs emissions by about 250 tons.

The reporter understands from the meeting, gas oil and gas pollution control, automobile industry and the dry cleaning industry regulation, the dining lampblack pollution control, open burning pollution treatment and wall paint decoration operation optimization, etc, all work are now in order to promote.

Hangzhou, for example, has developed a dry cleaning industry and market supervision bureau special motor repair paint work plan, the joint relevant department does not meet the requirements of dry cleaning, motor repair unit issued a rectification, and closed instruction book, request to close for rectification within a time limit or be a case for investigation. The administrative law enforcement team has also formulated and issued relevant implementation plans to jointly promote the work of catering oil and tobacco control, and to improve the outdoor barbecue, open burning and other phenomena.

In the hearing of all units and departments to report, the VOCs Ma Jiajun fully affirmed the development zone management work, believe that all departments and units have been according to the special deployment plan actively take action, and obtained the periodic achievements.

At the same time, ma jijun stressed the current grim situation and the importance and necessity of further developing VOCs governance. He pointed out that all departments and units should continue to promote VOCs governance and improve the environmental quality in the region with "the most solid style, the fastest speed, the highest standard and the strictest control". Each law enforcement body should focus on a central goal and take measures to ensure the implementation of the work. We should strengthen publicity and popularize knowledge, and let residents know the bad effects of volatile organic waste gas on air quality through various publicity, and guide residents to start from around.