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Water environment "ten good" and "ten bad" city or will be released.

2018-03-02  admin 阅读 97

Under the state council issued by the "water pollution prevention plan of action (hereinafter referred to as the" water ten ") regulation, the worst country published every year, a list of the best 10 cities and provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the condition of water environment. However, the regulations have not yet been issued, so far, "water 10" has been implemented for more than a year, but the list of "ten good" and "ten bad" cities has not been released.

The ministry of environmental protection (mep) was informed today that the technical requirements for the quality of urban water environment (hereinafter referred to as the "regulations") have been completed and the consultation process has been completed. The requirements and methods of the "ten good" and "ten bad" cities in the water environment are stipulated in the regulations. Experts say the release of "ten good" and "ten bad" cities is expected.

Environmental protection is introduced, according to the regulations is entirely for the implementation of article 10 of "water" is put forward to improve the quality of urban water environment ranking and information publicity work, to carry out the local government responsibility for water environmental protection. The regulations mainly calculate the urban water quality index (CWQI index) in the cities and above, and rank the water environment quality of the cities and above in China according to the order of CWQI index.

The regulations applicable to the country in all provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) reveals and above city water environment quality condition, as well as the provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) of urban water environment quality conditions within their respective administrative areas.

Put forward the regulations, according to the principle of uniform surface water monitoring points set layout city countries accused of surface water environment quality monitoring section (points), according to the result of the control section (point), and the ranking results public notification. At the same time, all prefecture-level and above cities, according to the unified ranking index and method, are objectively and fairly ranked according to the actual conditions of water environment quality.

Which cities are ranked? The regulations explicitly, city water environment quality ranking scope includes the national 31 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) of more than 338 local and city, participate in city ranking section (points) as the surface water environment quality monitoring network in the provisions of the state city ranking section (point).

According to the regulations, the urban water quality index is based on the urban water quality index, namely the CWQI index. The higher the ranking, the better the quality of the urban water environment.

What are the indicators of good and bad water quality in a city? The regulations, according to the main computing three index, namely the river water quality index, index of river water quality using the surface water environment quality standard (GB3838-2002) 21 indicators, including pH value, dissolved oxygen, potassium permanganate index, bod, ammonia nitrogen, petroleum, volatile phenol, mercury, lead, total phosphorus, chemical oxygen demand (cod), etc. At the same time, the lake water quality index and the urban water quality index are also calculated.

According to this index calculation method, the monthly, quarterly and annual ranking of urban water environment quality can be carried out. Issued the regulations, the national level of urban water environment quality ranking content including, water environmental quality is relatively good list of 10 cities, the water environmental quality index in the top 10 cities; The list of 10 cities with relatively poor water quality, namely, the water environment quality index, is ranked in the last 10 cities.

In accordance with the requirements of the regulations, the number of monitoring sections of the urban monitoring section (spot) does not meet the statistical requirements or the monitoring indicators are incomplete. The city does not participate in the ranking, but it will release its data loss.