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Docking industry and capital, establishing "energy industry fund"

2018-03-02  admin 阅读 135

The second phase of "China's energy finance high-end BBS" was successfully held in Beijing this month. In the energy sector, China development bank about leadership and the energy industry, financial institutions, head of the people under the witness on behalf of the enterprise, China's energy research institute and the China council for the promotion of developmental financial comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement, fully implement the national energy strategy and industrial policy, give full play to their respective resource advantages, innovative financial support energy production and consumption patterns change mechanism, promote the integration of financial capital and industrial entity, power major energy projects fall to the ground.

Both sides will decision, has successfully held "China energy finance high-end BBS" steps, to promote policy makers, energy companies, financial institutions and the depth of the interactive exchange platform, jointly promote the benign development of China's energy financial health.

Energy industry fund

The two sides agreed to integrate each other's resources, give play to their respective advantages and jointly set up a joint venture to invest in related energy projects and promote the sound and rapid development of the energy industry. China council for the promotion of developmental financial secretary general said in the signing ceremony, developmental finance to serve national medium and long-term development strategy for the purpose, with market-oriented means service as the goal, relying on the national credit, by conducting medium and long term financial business, such as credit and investment for the energy and other major infrastructure projects to provide support. Raise long-term funds. The development finance promotion association will guide and coordinate the research and development of more financial products related to the energy industry, gather more financial resources and promote the transformation and upgrading of the national energy industry.

Crawl over

In China's energy research institute, a think-tank, said director of capital, as a domestic energy policy and technology one of the most influential group, China's energy research institute will actively play the national energy administration and corporate contact between the bridge and the link role. Can think tank, energy financial club has been successfully held regularly "China high-end BBS" energy finance, national policy is responsible for the comrades to unscramble the competent department of energy, energy companies and financial institutions to participate in communication, good response, obvious effect, promote the "political - production - research -" integration. China energy research institute and the China council for the promotion of developmental financial will through BBS plays, fund drive way, seeking to conform to the state the investment direction of industrial upgrading, achieve high quality energy projects fall to the ground as soon as possible.

After the signing of the agreement, the two sides set up a fund preparatory committee under the leadership of their respective leaders to carry out the work of the energy industry fund.