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The central environmental protection inspectorate has made "fake environmental protection" no longer available.

2018-03-02  admin 阅读 118

The central environmental protection inspection team recently sent a feedback to hebei province on environmental protection inspectors. Inspection, points out that although environmental protection work in hebei province achieved positive results, but due to historical reasons, heavy industrial concentration and development pattern, the provincial environmental problems still is very outstanding, the people reflect strongly. The importance and intensity of environmental protection work in hebei province is still far from the central demand and the expectation of the masses.

The first of the problems pointed out by the inspectorate is that the pressure conduction of environmental protection work in hebei province is not in place. The specific performance is: between 2013 and July 2015, the main leaders of the provincial party committee did not attach great importance to environmental protection, and did not really grasp it. From 2013 to 2015, special funds for the prevention and control of air pollution from provincial governments accounted for only 15.5% of the central government budget. The provincial development and reform commission and other relevant departments have supervision and inspection in the form of pressure reduction coal, loose coal control, oil quality control and so on.

The main leaders of the provincial party committee did not attach great importance to environmental protection work, and the pressure of environmental protection work was not in place, and there was the lazy government and lazy government of the lower party committees and government departments. However, the translation of "not really importance" and "no real catch" is actually the "fake environmental protection" which is inconsistent with the heart.

Why did the provincial party committee lead "fake environmental protection"? Of course, it's not that leaders don't understand the policy of the central government, or that the leaders don't know the importance of environmental protection work, or it's not "fake environmental protection", it's not environmental protection. However, some officials still do not really grasp the relationship between economic development and environmental protection, and regard environmental protection as a burden and obstacle to economic growth. It is not easy for them to sacrifice their GDP targets for environmental protection while economic development indicators are still a key factor in the promotion of officials.

This "fake environmental protection" in hebei province is certainly not an individual phenomenon. In many places, the slogan of environmental protection is loud, but the polluting enterprises still go their own way, and the pollution problem has not been solved effectively, and it is getting worse and worse. There are many forms of "fake environmental protection", for example, it is a set of practices that are widely used in public. In fact, it provides a variety of convenience for the growth of GDP and the landing of polluting enterprises. In fact, there is zero tolerance for polluting enterprises and pollution behaviors. In fact, the daily supervision is a form of daily supervision, which turns a blind eye to pollution behavior and even ACTS as a protective umbrella for polluting enterprises. For example, a local environmental protection bureau in jiangsu province fined 603 yuan for polluting enterprises, and an enterprise in Inner Mongolia started to recuperate after being exposed to the desert by the media, but it soon reignited.

"False environmental protection" and "environmental protection" will not bring about benign changes to the current situation of environmental pollution, nor will it bring any improvement to the people's damaged rights and interests. The latter is often sacrificed in the face of the large tax payers and the ecological environment, the interests of the enterprise and the people's rights and interests. But compared with "not green", "false environmental protection" also has a layer of harm. It is not only the deception and deception of the central government, but also the harm to the people's rights and interests. It will affect people's confidence and trust in the government.

But the days of "fake environmental protection" will also become increasingly difficult. On the one hand, the assessment system of ecological achievements is gradually improved, and the GDP assessment will become the assessment of green GDP, and the ecological civilization is becoming more and more important as the weight indicator of performance assessment. But with the implementation of the lifelong responsibility system, develop economy at the cost of environment of "fake" environmental protection will also face the lifelong liability risk, even if the transfer in another place, even if take a back seat, environmental responsibility will not be written off. "Between 2013 and July 2015, the main leaders of the provincial committee were not serious about environmental protection," said the central environmental inspection team. A prime example.