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Air pollution prevention and control "headquarters" operation.

2018-03-02  admin 阅读 131

The battle of air pollution prevention and control has been launched in our province. The goal has been determined. The key lies in implementation. On July 6, the reporter learned that, in order to strengthen the prevention and control of atmospheric pollution on work organization and leadership, the provincial government decided to set up a leading group, and by the provincial public security department, provincial department of environmental protection, the province construction hall, the province transportation hall, the province agriculture department, province provincial water resources bureau, provincial department of commerce about the battle of prevention and control of atmospheric pollution, director of the office, the first meeting held on 5, discuss the main work next step.

It is understood that our province will further establish and improve the mechanism for coordinating and promoting the implementation of the daily schedule of air pollution prevention and control, the daily bulletin and the monthly appraisal system. The leading group on prevention and control of air pollution in the province will convene a joint meeting on air pollution prevention every month to hear the progress of the work of various departments at all levels and to study and solve the problems in the work progress. Departments at all levels set up a special law enforcement inspection group of key industries, key parts of the atmospheric governance and crucial measures to carry out the all-round supervision and law enforcement inspection, the wind data rows over theft, fraud and normal operation of pollution treatment facilities and other kinds of environmental violations "zero tolerance", public exposure, the rectification must be rectified, the closure must shut down.