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Ecological civilization guiyang international BBS 2016 annual conference will focus on poverty alleviation and development.

2018-03-02  admin 阅读 132

The ecological civilization guiyang international BBS 2016 annual conference will be held in guiyang, guizhou province. At a press conference on July 7, BBS secretary-general zhang xinsheng said that during the annual meeting, BBS will discuss poverty alleviation.

According to zhang xinsheng, the ecological civilization guiyang international BBS is the only national international BBS with ecological civilization. The theme of this year's annual meeting is "entering the new era of ecological civilization: green development and unity of knowledge and practice". There will be 37 theme BBS, including ecological environment protection, ecological civilization system and mechanism reform, etc.

So far, the BBS has more than 1200 Chinese and foreign guests to confirm to attend, including over 400 foreign guests, including the head, head of the foreign government agencies, international organizations and international well-known scholars and think-tank, head, etc.

According to understand, as a crucial battleground for poverty alleviation in China's guizhou province in recent years through industrial areas, relocation for poverty alleviation, education, medical poverty relief measures for poverty alleviation, rural poverty population from 11.49 million to 2015 in 2011 by the end of 4.93 million, the poverty rate has fallen to 14%.

Face the task of ecological poverty in the next five years, vice governor of guizhou province, said Liu Yuankun will continue through 1.3 million poor people in guizhou long-distance move for poverty alleviation, provide 100000 rangers public welfare jobs (drive) 300000 people out of poverty, poverty alleviation and other ecological industries to achieve ecological poverty reduction goals.