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The development direction and technological innovation of the automatic control system of sewage treatment plant in China.

2018-03-02  admin 阅读 119

What kind of innovation should the future sewage treatment plant control system have? We should encourage the development of diversification, diversification of implementation mode, integrated into the regional characteristic elements, to consider the historical and cultural background, and the coordination of human and natural environment, energy, resource, ecology and landscape, the intelligent and personalized, and into a base for scientific research and education of humane environment or landmark facilities."

1. Development direction of future sewage treatment technology.

The future urban sewage treatment technology will continue to be an extension of existing technology and the continuous integration of new improved technology. From the perspective of the development of the past, urban sewage treatment technology is continuously improve and upgrade, remove objects from development to the ammonia nitrogen, organic matter again from ammonia nitrogen to total nitrogen, and the rise of the biological phosphorus removal are reflected in different periods of existing technology and new technology constantly fusion and integration applications.

Can be thought of in the future, therefore, the urban sewage treatment technology development still leave the history accumulation and engineering experience, any new technology needs to be gradually integrated into the existing system, then implement the ability to further improve and change completely.

For example, biological nitrification is developed from common aeration, which is enhanced by biological nitrification to A/O denitrification, and then extended to A2/O dephosphorization; With the appearance of microporous aeration, the concentration of biological pond sludge in the aeration system can reach the level of oxidation ditch system.

From the point of view of the current trend of international and domestic demand, the main direction of urban sewage treatment technology is stable to amount to mark on the premise of energy utilization and low energy consumption, low material consumptions of fine management control. For example, through the partial or total recovery of water quality, including the application of reverse osmosis and is penetration technology, reach a certain water function requirements, implementation of water recycling, for the use of regional water cycle or downstream out user access; The heat energy and electric energy are recovered through the biogas and sewage water heat utilization of sewage and sludge organic matter. The conversion of valuable organic matter from sewage or sludge into products, as well as the use of mineral components such as phosphorus, nitrogen, sulfur, etc. Through the return of the existing technology and constantly improve, new technology and new equipment in the engineering application layer of the major breakthrough, and ability of the operation and management, improving personnel quality and skill levels of urban sewage treatment technology will continue to develop and continuously upgrade, diversification, integration, intelligence, refinement and personalized features, in source control and network function improvement, high concentrations of carbon and nitrogen separation and sludge anaerobic digestion, high quality reclaimed water production and phosphate recycling, lateral flow and main technology of anaerobic ammonia oxidation aspects of further development and breakthrough, and become the core component of the urban sewage treatment system in the future.

2. Innovation of the control system of future sewage treatment plants.

The present situation is the accumulation of time and human wisdom. The future is the continuous development and revision of the present, and the historical process can be predicted to some extent. With the birth of activated sludge, some say it's time to stop, and some say it will last 100, 500, or even longer. At a sewage treatment plant in Denmark, the oldest of the drip filters is being run, the latest anaerobic ammonia oxidation is being built, the old pump room is in operation, and the new pump station will be built. 70 s ~ 80 s of the 20th century in Germany and Austria prevalence of AB process, basic no new after 90 s, but as the sewage energy-oriented use and development of anaerobic ammonia oxidation technology, its A is used as an effective method to carbon and nitrogen separation, now again return to the trend of development.

In 1997, I accompany Poul Harremoes professor visit JiZhuangZi sewage treatment plant, he asked, strangely sewage treatment plant, how kind of you so many tall deciduous trees, not afraid of falling leaves in the fall and winter in the pool? I said that we have the requirements of landscape greening, the leaves can be manually cleaned. Later noticed that northern sewage treatment plant to pay special attention to save manpower, tend to be the development direction of unattended, and see the number of employees in Germany not less than the number of domestic sewage treatment plant, and there are a lot of Dr And senior technicians, in addition, a professor at the university of with one or a number of sewage treatment plant to establish close relationship and long-term cooperation relationship.

In 2009, a visit to Washington, d.c., Blue Plain sewage treatment plant, to their process feel incredible, first is the high load of the 1950 s all activated sludge process to remove organic matter, and then the 60 s of the ammonia nitrogen nitrification, then all depend on the deep denitrification with methanol, subsequent water filtration system, its control system is also more primitive, was to update the automatic control system, at present the craft system still remains the same. The major change is that in 2015 it launched the world's largest Cambi sludge thermal hydrolysis high concentration and sludge anaerobic digestion system, the lateral flow anaerobic ammonia oxidation technology, and we have science and technology strength of Europe and North America, was carried out by the mainstream technology of engineering application of anaerobic ammonia oxidation technology research.

, therefore, the future of the sewage treatment plant automatic control system should have what kind of innovation, is unlikely to have a deterministic answer, different people have different ideas, different places have different practices, can span of history, but it can't cut off contact, we should encourage the development of diversification, diversification of implementation mode, integrated into the regional characteristic elements, to consider the historical and cultural background, and human and natural environment harmonious, do energy, resource, ecology and landscape, intelligent and personalized, and become the science and the humanities environment education base. Also, the future of the sewage treatment plant demand will be complex administrators and managers, all-round technical support and service team, technical refinement operations team, as well as the cognitive level significantly increased and the broad public participation.