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Innovation road of energy conservation and emission reduction decade.

2018-03-02  admin 阅读 112

Few people have noticed that the first implementation of the environmental indicators in the government's five-year plan began with the eleventh five-year plan. In the face of increasingly serious resources and environment constraints, the Chinese government decided in 2006, during the period of "11th five-year plan" national emissions of sulfur dioxide and chemical oxygen demand (cod) to achieve peak, a turning point, in 2010 two main pollutant emissions to each of the level of reduced by 10% in 2005.

The determination to reduce emissions was encouraging, but it was a contentious issue at the time. After all, the history of environmental governance in western developed countries shows that the inflection point will only occur after the economic development to a certain extent, namely, the per capita GDP reaches about 10,000 usd. In 2006, China's GDP per capita was only around $2,000.

From a strategic height, energy conservation and emissions reduction is not only is the issue of management and technology innovation, also raises questions for the development of positioning, are endowed with the multiple historical mission, both the cope with the challenge of energy resources, reducing emissions, adjust the economic structure, the implementation of macroeconomic regulation and control, etc, also reflected the central environmental protection of determination and willingness to China to do a responsible big country.

By strengthening management, adjusting the industrial structure, building up pollution control facilities and mobilizing public participation, the "eleventh five-year plan" has been overfulfilled. In the 12th five-year plan, two new indicators, nitrogen oxides and ammonia nitrogen, were added on the basis of sulfur dioxide and chemical oxygen demand.

After ten years efforts, China's four kind of pollutant emissions to peak, on the lower level of GDP per capita has realized the pollution emission inflection point of arrival in advance, far more than the western developed countries the same stage of development of environmental performance.

The performance of the decade has increased the confidence of Chinese environmentalists; At the same time, it is sobering to realize that the public environmental benefits have not increased in proportion to the total emission reduction report. Therefore, the change from the total emission reduction to the quality improvement becomes the top priority of the environmental protection work.

Seize the environment quality improvement the key, as soon as possible in the comprehensive construction well-off society, the environment of both environmental protection upgrade version of the core content, is a comprehensive practice innovation, harmonious and green, open, sharing the five new tools development concept of environmental governance. It embodies the theory, system and practice innovation, and presents the coordination and cooperation across borders open concept, so that let the people in the strong determination to benefit from the national development and the service spirit, is a new milestone in environmental governance.