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Municipal sludge treatment and disposal at home and abroad require deep dewatering of sludge.

2018-03-02  admin 阅读 99

Municipal sludge is produced in the process of urban sewage treatment plants in water treatment, the precipitation is already contains a lot of microorganisms, organic matter, and rich in nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, and excessive heavy metals, pathogenic microorganism, etc. Sewage treatment plant municipal sludge is the main source of sludge in China, and the organic matter content of sludge is high, which is more difficult to dehydrate than industrial sludge. Foreign countries, especially western countries, face early sludge treatment problems, and municipal sludge treatment experience is rich. Domestic municipal sludge problems are mainly due to the lack of synchronization of sewage treatment and sludge treatment. As follows, the environmental protection company zhengzhou at the peak of the domestic and foreign municipal sludge treatment and disposal.

Foreign municipal sludge treatment.

At present foreign urban sewage sludge disposal approach typically includes the following several ways: land use, such as sanitary landfill, incineration method, these methods are able to accommodate a large number of urban sewage sludge. According to the investigation data, the sewage sludge in foreign sewage treatment plant or for agricultural forest greening, or incineration disposal, or the evacuation of the sea, there are very few other ways to dispose of or use.

Thus, land use and landfilling are the two main methods of sludge disposal in most countries. This is a high requirement for sludge dewatering. It is necessary to use sludge dewatering equipment to realize sludge dewatering, which can be treated in this way with low moisture content and non-polluted sludge cake. In addition, the agricultural and land landfill scheme depends largely on the choice of governments to the relevant laws, regulations, and the pollution source control, but also related to the size of the country and agriculture development. In recent years, with the sludge agricultural standards (such as organic matter and heavy metal content) trend of increasingly stringent, many countries, such as Germany, Italy, Denmark, the proportion of agricultural sludge decrease, while the proportion of sludge landfill has a tendency to increase. However, some countries, such as the United States, Britain and Japan, have increased the proportion of sludge agricultural use, and the proportion of sludge filling is decreasing.

Domestic municipal sludge treatment.

Municipal sludge treatment and disposal technology has just started in our country, the existing in the sewage treatment industry has the stable sludge treatment facilities is less than 1/4, processing technology and equipment is relatively less than 1/10, one of the few can run normally; The traditional sludge treatment and disposal in China has problems such as large infrastructure investment, low load, difficulty in operation management and lack of operational experience, so the equipment is idle and wastes a great deal. Most of the sewage treatment plants in our country have not been properly disposed, which is related to the low utilization rate of sludge treatment equipment and sludge treatment equipment. Therefore, at present zhengzhou golden ultrahigh pressure sludge filter press, dry sludge pressure machine the new sludge treatment equipment such as demand is very big, needs to adopt this kind of sludge treatment equipment to solve the deficiency of traditional sludge treatment equipment in sludge treatment.

The biggest problem of domestic municipal sludge is that the sludge dewatering is not complete and the sludge treatment equipment is difficult to meet the environmental requirements. But at this stage, such as zhengzhou golden ultrahigh pressure sludge filter press, the sludge drying machine, and some of the factory production of diaphragm filter press sludge depth dewatering equipment, effectively solved the problem, make the sludge dewatering to the moisture content is below 60%, the formation of no pollution, resource utilization of sludge cake, for municipal sludge treatment laid a good foundation.

Environmental protection enterprise in zhengzhou heyday, said the municipal sludge treatment in our country starts late, sludge treatment technology and the sludge treatment equipment can draw lessons from foreign municipal sludge treatment developed area, but also should combine their own conditions, according to the mud shale processing, realize harmless and recycling treatment of sludge and create conditions for urban environmental construction in China.