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Industrial sewage purification can not be ignored flocculant - polymerized aluminum chloride.

2018-03-02  admin 阅读 111

Over the years, polyaluminium chloride has developed into a flocculant with mature technology and large market volume, and has gradually replaced the traditional flocculant trend. Western European countries began production of polyaluminium chloride in 1976 as a flocculant for industrial wastewater treatment; The United States and Canada approved the use of water and industrial wastewater treatment in 1983. Polymerization of aluminum chloride is a common agent of water treatment coagulant. The water treatment effect is significant and plays a vital role in drinking water and industrial sewage purification. The content of polyaluminium chloride that we commonly use is 26%, 28% and 30%. The content of polymerized aluminum chloride is different, and the use is different.

Polyaluminium chloride by spray drying good stability, adapt to the waters wide, hydrolytic speed, strong adsorption ability, form the alum flowers large, compact precipitation, low turbidity water, dehydration performance is good wait for an advantage, under the condition of the same quality, reduced the volume of spray drying of polyaluminium chloride adding, especially under the condition of the water quality is bad, spray drying product turnover compared with drum drying polyaluminium chloride, can be reduced by half, not only reduce the labor intensity of the workers, and more importantly, reduce the cost of water users. In addition, spray drying products can ensure safety, reduce water accidents, and provide safe and reliable drinking water for residents.

Polyaluminium chloride polyaluminium chloride content is different for different purposes. Users can choose the corresponding polyaluminium chloride according to their different USES. The following is a summary of the use of fresh water from gongyi for the different content of polyaluminium chloride.

1. AL2O3 content is more than 30% polymerized aluminum chloride. Suitable for drinking water industry. Specific industries include: waterworks, pure water plants, pharmaceutical factories, food processing plants and other industries with high water quality requirements.

2. The content of AL2O3 is 28% of polymerized aluminum chloride, which is suitable for industrial sewage treatment. Specific industries include: oily wastewater, printing and dyeing plants, papermaking sewage, steel mill sewage, coal washing plant, plastic factory and other high turbidity water quality industries.

3. The content of AL2O3 is 26%, and the polymerized aluminum chloride, below 26%, is suitable for urban sewage treatment. This concentration of aluminium chloride is suitable for treating municipal wastewater with low turbidity.

Polyaluminium chloride price: normal to order price is according to its content, 30%, 28% of the price is not the same, 30% is divided into spray drying and plate and frame filter and drum drying, polyaluminium chloride higher prices for the best effect of spray drying, color appearance is light yellow powder; 28 percent of the polymer aluminum chloride is slightly cheaper, and the commonly used treatment is industrial wastewater treatment.