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Mandatory national standards for LED lamps.

2018-03-02  admin 阅读 156

Mandatory national standards for LED lamps.

Mandatory national standards.

Standard code name.

Part 1: general requirements and test (IEC 60598-1:2003, IDT);

GB 7000.2-2008 luminaires - part 2-22: special requirements for emergency lighting fixtures.

GB 7000.3-1996 safety requirements for portable lamps in the garden.

GB 7000.4-2007 luminaries part 2-10: special requirements for children to use portable lamps.

GB 7000.5-2005 safety requirements for road and street lighting fixtures (IEC 60598-2-3:2002, IDT);

Part 2-6 of GB 7000.6-2008 lamps: special requirements with built-in tungsten lamp transformers or transformer lamps.

GB 7000.7-2005 safety requirements for lighting fixtures.

GB 7000.9-2008 luminaries part 2-20: special requirements lamp string.

Section 2-1 of GB 7000.201-2008 lamps: special requirements fixed general lamps (IEC 60598-2-1:1979+A1:1987, IDT);

GB 7000.202-2008 lamps, part 2-2: special requirements for embedded lamps (IEC 60598-2-1:1997, IDT);

GB 7000.204-2008 luminaires part 2-4: special requirements for portable general lamps.

GB 7000.207-2008 luminaires part 2-7: special requirements for the courtyard with portable lamps.

GB 7000.208-2008 luminaire part 2-8: special request hand lamp.

GB 7000.211-2008 lamps, part 2-11: special requirements for aquarium lamps.

GB 7000.212-2008 lamps - part 2-12: special requirements for power socket installation of night lights.

GB 7000.213-2008 luminaries part 2-13: special requirements for ground embedded lamps.

GB 7000.217-2008 luminaires part 2-17: special requirements for stage lighting, television, film and photography (indoor and outdoor) lighting.

GB 7000.218-2008 luminaires - part 2-18: special requirements for swimming pools and similar lighting fixtures.

GB 7000.219-2008 luminaires - part 2-19: special requirements for ventilation lamps.

GB 7000.16-2000 hospital and rehabilitation building clinic use lamps safety requirements.

GB 7000.17-2003 limited surface temperature lamps safety requirements.

GB 7000.18-2003 tungsten filament lamp with special low voltage lighting system safety requirements.

GB 7000.19-2005 photo and film lighting (non-professional) safety requirements.

GB19651.1-2008 miscellaneous lamp holder part 1: general requirements and tests (IEC 60838-1:2004, IDT);

GB19651.3-2008 miscellaneous lamp holder part 2-2: special requirements of connector for LED module (IEC 60838-2-2:2006, IDT);

Gb19510.1-2009 lamp control device part 1: general requirements and safety requirements (IEC 61347-1:2007, IDT);

Gb19510.14-2009 lamp control device part 14: special requirements for dc or ac electronic control devices for led modules (IEC 61347-2-13:2006, IDT);

GB 24819-2009 LED module safety requirements for general lighting (IEC 62031:2008,IDT);

GB 24906-2010 ordinary lighting with 50V above self-ballast LED lamp safety requirements (IEC 62560,IDT);

GB 2591-2010 automotive LED headlights.