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LED light industry policy standard inventory.

2018-03-02  admin 阅读 116

LED light industry policy standard inventory.

In previous years as the improvement of semiconductor luminescence technology, reduced cost increasing, the LED lighting industry time jollification, combined with the national policy of subsidies and the lack of industry standards, quite a part of the inferior LED products manufacturers, aggressively into the lighting market, trying to earn a quick buck, don't say this in the international lighting market compete for seats, but also the domestic market has done a cigar smoke. By 2015, a series of industry standards have been implemented, bringing a little order to the chaotic lighting market.

LED lighting industry policy interpretation of energy efficiency leader system.

On December 31, 2014, the national development and reform commission, the combination of finance, the ministry of industry and information technology, GuoGuanJu, national energy administration, general administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine, industry standards committee and other seven units, is officially released to the world "" leader" of energy efficiency system implementation plan "(hair change of ring [2014] no. 3001, hereinafter referred to as the" scheme "). The plan, will continue to improve the energy efficiency of energy-using products in our country, to ensure the task indicators of energy conservation and emissions reduction work in China "leader" of energy efficiency of implementation system to enhance the whole society power energy saving and emission reduction, promote energy conservation and environmental protection industry development, is of great significance to save energy resources, protect the environment. The establishment of a "front-runner" system for energy efficiency will help to form a long-term mechanism that promotes the improvement of energy efficiency of the end-use products, energy-consuming industries and public institutions, and promotes energy conservation and emission reduction. Now, play a positive role in promoting.

"Green building evaluation standard" LED lighting reform new power.

From January 1, 2015, the new green building evaluation standard will be implemented. The personage inside course of study thinks, the new standards will further standardize the market rules, the competition order of the green building industry, and promote the whole industry chain design and technical innovation, the green house industry is expected to bring about a new round of market reshuffle.

By contrast, the new edition of the green building evaluation standard USES a sub-item rating, with a total score of 45-50, a one-star rating, a 60-point two-star rating, and an 80-point three-star rating. At the same time, the new green building evaluation standard added additional points, and the innovative green building project will receive additional points in the evaluation.

Industry standard issued "evaluation of the electromagnetic radiation of human body by lighting equipment"

Recently, the general administration of quality supervision and inspection and industry standards committee approved the publication of the industry standard for the evaluation of electromagnetic radiation of lighting equipment, which will be implemented from April 1, 2015. The standard for the enterprise not only provides important in lighting appliances electromagnetic radiation safety assessment, and also provides reference for the public to recognize the lighting equipment, help to improve the health and safety awareness, eliminate the public concerns.

How to evaluate the standard of electromagnetic radiation of lighting equipment made specific provision, and provide the reference limit, technical indicators consistent with the international standard, is suitable for including industrial lighting, residential lighting, public lighting and street lighting equipment used in indoor and outdoor general lighting equipment, etc.

Automotive LED lighting applications require special SAE standards.

SAE standard of LED lighting include two categories: components or LED encapsulation level standard, and contains the whole of the bulb system level standard, such as a lamp or headlight (note that in a shaken the so-called system refers to the stage lighting product is a light bulb, instead of lamps and lanterns). The system level standard involves only the test and performance of the light bulb. Other requirements for light sources are not involved. The LED standard for automotive lighting is concerned with specific properties such as lumen maintenance, reliability, working life and luminescence spectrum.