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Energy saving retrofit air can heat pump to welcome development opportunity.

2018-03-02  admin 阅读 131

Energy saving retrofit air can heat pump to welcome development opportunity.


According to the public information, in the traditional heating area in northern China, there are more than 2 billion square meters of existing buildings that need to be transformed into energy conservation, among which the energy conservation reform of heating system is one of the key points. According to the preliminary analysis of the industry, the average annual investment in the heating system will exceed 100 billion yuan by 2020, only in the north of China. And it is praised as the third force of the Chinese heating industry the air heat pump heating undoubtedly ushered in the development opportunity.

At present, the air source heat pump frequently welcomed policy positive. According to the Beijing association of building energy efficiency and environmental engineering, vice President of Jin Jizong introduction, not long ago, the Beijing government's "clean air action plan" in specific provision: by 2017, Beijing heat pump heating area of more than 70 million square meters. For the new or renovated heat pump heating project, the Beijing municipal government fixed asset investment to give 30% support, each district and county according to their economic strength, give 30%~50% support. At present, each district and county of Beijing has issued corresponding implementation standard, some districts and counties to install air source heat pump to warm the family top subsidy up to 18,000 yuan.

In addition, the air source heat pump heating of affordable housing, urban villa, rural residential and small public heating of the primary energy consumption is second only to coal-fired cogeneration heating way, heating operation cost is relatively low. The low temperature air source heat pump products are very suitable for these types of buildings. Once the air source heat pump heating technology has been successfully applied to these building types, the market size of these buildings can be imagined.

In addition to Beijing, some provinces and municipalities including shandong and hebei have included air source heat pumps into the building energy conservation promotion and use product catalog. In recent years, the air source heat pump has been given a good opportunity by the introduction of the price and time-sharing price policy.