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Don't neglect energy conservation - insulation is the key.

2018-03-02  admin 阅读 134

Special attention should be given to the selection of energy-saving doors and Windows in the area, so that the main physical indicators such as airtight, watertight, sound insulation, heat preservation and insulation meet the requirements. If the original window of the resident home is to use a single glass common window, can change into the hollow glass broken bridge metal window, and for the west to, east to the window install the activity exterior sunshade device.

Choose to choose cloth thick thick, heat insulation effect good curtain, do not pack warm air cover or on the heating top dozen furniture.

Do not destroy the interior insulation layer of the original metope, the balcony is transformed and the inner room is connected to want to be in the metope of the balcony, top surface adds insulation layer.

When laying wood floor, can place insulation material between the partition of floor, such as mine (rock) cotton board, flame retardant foam plastics etc.

When the door of custom door, can ask to fill glass wool or mineral wool to wait for fireproof heat preservation material inside the door cavity, install airproof door with good effect, add sealing strip outside door window.

Residents at the top of the roof can also put insulation on the plasterboard at the top of the ceiling to improve thermal insulation.