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The family has a low carbon plan of 15 things.

2018-03-02  admin 阅读 135

(1) use energy-saving lamps, turn off the lights and pull the plug;

(2) less air conditioning and open Windows;

(3) use water-saving sanitary ware and recycle water;

(4) warm wash clothes to dry naturally;

(5) keep drinking water cups, not disposable paper cups;

(6) drink less bottled drinks and drink more water;

(7) go out to eat and prepare chopsticks, spoons and other portable tableware;

(8) use cloth bags for shopping and try not to use plastic bags;

(9) the elevator takes a few floors, and the stairs climb several floors.

(10) drive less than two days a week and take more buses;

(11) walk or bike to work once or twice a week;

(12) exercise more outdoors and less at the gym;

(13) promote the reduction of meat consumption and reasonable healthy diet;

(14) growing flowers and grass in the home and landscaping the living environment;

(15) establish a family low carbon profile, and calculate the carbon emission reduction of each month.