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For landscape lighting, please help with the LED.

2018-03-02  admin 阅读 110

Landscape lighting often need to send out all sorts of color, many places still adopt the method of general lighting add filter to achieve the effect, which no doubt adds to photosynthetic efficiency greatly reduce, advanced lighting lamps and lanterns, such as light-emitting diode (LED) can themselves be required for a single light color, and life is several dozen times the ordinary incandescent lamp.

In order to ensure the implementation effect, it is better to invite the light-emitting diode supplier to participate in the design.

Advantages of LED lights:

1. Long life, saving maintenance costs.

We have 50, 000 hours of super long life.

There are fewer changes in the system.

2. More efficient and more energy efficient.

Compared with the neon tube, it can save up to 90% energy consumption.

The light is high in monochrome.

3. Low voltage

The opportunity to reduce the extra cost.

It reduces the likelihood of fire.

You don't need a break switch.

It reduces the cost of the special attachment.

4. Strong weatherability.

Reduce damage and environmental damage.

Reduce the installation and maintenance costs of neon lights.