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Office energy saving common sense.

2018-03-02  admin 阅读 98

The use of paper.

1. Staff use their own water cups, paper cups are prepared for visitors. Please bring your own water cup to the meeting.

2.Use email instead of paper documents.

3. The document bag can be reused many times, and all departments should recycle reusable document bags.

4. If you use "collect" and "send" classified multi-layer files in the office, you should use one more "recycling" to encourage people to leave the paper.

5. Photocopying and printing paper with double-sided and single-sided copy paper, can be used to photocopy or cut into scrap paper or scratch paper.

6. Set the paper recycling box, and place the reusable paper and paper according to different size and size, and use one side to the same direction for others to use.

7. Use recycled paper, paper, business CARDS and printing materials, and use recycled paper as much as possible to reduce environmental pollution.

8. Waste paper recycling bins for recycling paper, but do not mix carbon paper, waxed paper, plastic, etc., and be careful not to mix them with staples such as staples.

9. Use a handkerchief to wipe sweat and hands, and reduce the waste of toilet paper and paper. Use rags as much as possible.

10. Use small font sizes for all files.

The use of other articles.

1. Use paper clips and staples, and use less benzene solvent products, such as glue and correction fluid.

2. Do not use disposable products, such as using pen and pen with replaceable pen.

3. The recycling bins of iron aluminum cans, glass bottles and plastic containers are set respectively. Wash before recycling to avoid germs and stink. Compress as much as possible. Recycle bin and its surroundings remain clean.

4. The battery should be recovered, and the damage should be avoided.

Reuse after repair.

Broken devices can be repaired and reused, reducing waste and saving money. For example: air conditioning, computer equipment, fax machine, copy machine, office desk and chair etc.

The environmental protection

Choose products with environmental protection signs and refuse to use products that do not conform to the office's environmental philosophy.

Save water.

1. If there is a leak in the faucet, water pipe or toilet, any employee should inform the competent department in time.

2. Don't turn on the tap when you wash your hands.

Save power resources.

1. The unattended conference room should turn off the light source and air conditioner.

2. Avoid using one socket at the same time, such as refrigerator, microwave oven, oven and photocopier.

3. Take the stairs as much as possible and take the elevator less.

4. The lamps are cleaned every six months and the pipeline is maintained regularly.

5. Air conditioning control as far as possible in indoor and outdoor temperature 5 ℃ advisable.

6. Don't forget to turn off the power after work. According to the data, the computer monitor and printer have a power consumption of about 5 watts, and will not turn off the power switch after work. At least 10 hours will be used for one night, and 36.5 degrees will be consumed throughout the year. According to the calculation of 160million PCS and printers in domestic office equipment, 12.775 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity will be wasted each year.