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Enterprise article

2018-03-02  admin 阅读 134

1. Low awareness of energy saving and consumption.

Phenomenon: insufficient attention is paid to energy conservation and consumption reduction, the implementation of laws and regulations on energy saving and consumption reduction is ineffective, the internal management of enterprises is not sound, and the overall quality of management personnel is low. Suggestion: energy conservation and emission reduction is not a single task, nor is it a single one. Movement throughout the &; Must be integrated into the management system and daily business activities.

2. The management responsibility for energy conservation and consumption will not be implemented.

Phenomenon: the system of product energy saving and consumption reduction quota system is not perfect, and the supervision and inspection of energy saving and consumption reduction of enterprises is not enough, and there is no binding force for energy saving and consumption reduction. Suggestion: not only should the establishment of energy saving target responsibility system, but also must have the evaluation system matching.

3. The basic work of energy saving and consumption reduction is weak.

Phenomenon: obsolete measure and monitoring equipment instrument enterprise saving energy and reducing consumption, saving energy and reducing consumption measuring instruments installation rates and tested rate was less than the national industry standards, the relevant measurement and statistical information is not complete. Suggestion: energy measurement is the enterprise optimize energy management, energy efficiency, realize the important basis of energy saving and emission reduction, is also a national energy conservation supervision and administration according to law, evaluation of enterprise the important basis of utilization of energy. With the measurement data management, energy consumption can be quantified in each production link, and energy measurement management can be implemented.