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(A) project information should be submitted

1. Basic situation

(1) basic business profile

(2) the current energy utilization of enterprises

(3) the use of key equipment companies

(4) product energy consumption and implementation of standards

2. The basic situation of new or reconstruction project

(1) project classification, the total layout

(2) product and implementation standards

(3) process introduction

(4) energy consumption equipment list and introduction of the main energy-consuming equipment

(5) Energy consumption and energy supply conditions

(6) Energy measurement equipment configuration

(7) energy-saving measures

(B) pre-trial energy

Determine the basic amount of energy consumption of the project, the project is in line with the national industry-oriented, whether in line with the local economic development permit environmental conditions for qualitative analysis. Then decide whether to accept the project application.

(C) the actual operation of the process

Project acceptance application.

Submit project feasibility study report.

If it is a technological transformation project, the existing enterprises need to use the key energy-consuming equipment testing and annual balancing tests.

Provide energy (sub-species) required for the project to ensure the possibility of energy supply.

Can comment on the compilation of the report.

Project related to the adjustment of energy-consuming equipment.

We can evaluate report of examination.

Project approval.