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Zhejiang Provincial Price Bureau on the announcement of the norms of industrial fixed asset investment projects energy-saving assessment fee notice

Zhejiang price clothing [2013] no. 250.

Cities, counties (cities, districts) Price Bureau, the provincial Economic Commission:

In order to implement the spirit of deepening the system of administrative examination and approval in the province to reform the teleconference and earnestly do a good job in cleaning up intermediary and professional service charges prior to administrative examination and approval, in accordance with the "Plan for Deepening the Reform of Administrative Examination and Approval System in Zhejiang Province" and the " (Zhengjian Mingdian [2013] No. 1), we hereby notify you of the following matters concerning regulating the energy-saving assessment fees for industrial fixed asset investment projects:

First, clean up the norms of industrial investment in fixed assets after the assessment of energy-saving projects based on comprehensive energy consumption progressive sub-billing, the benchmark fee is as follows:

Annual comprehensive energy consumption (tons)Benchmark fee standard (yuan/ton standard coal)
1000(contains) - 3000(Do not contain)12
3000(contains) - 5000(Do not contain)10
5000(contains) - 20000(Do not contain)9
20000(contains) - 35000(Do not contain)8
35000(contains) - 50000(Do not contain)7
50000(contains) - 100000(Do not contain)6
More than 1000005

 Note: The total annual energy consumption of 1,000 tons of standard coal in the following projects, a single project in the range of 05000 yuan -1.2 million fee.

Industrial fixed assets investment projects energy-saving assessment of the billing adjustment factor

Industry, project use can process technical complexity degree.Adjust the coefficient of
Eight high energy consumption industries (petrochemical, chemical raw materials, chemical fiber, printing and dyeing, paper making, non-metallic mineral products, metal smelting and rolling, electric power)1.15-1.3

Specific fees according to the complexity of the project, job requirements and workload by both parties in the fluctuation up and down within 20% of the scope of consultation.

Second, the industrial fixed asset investment project assessment fees should follow the principle of open and fair, honest and trustworthy, voluntary compensation principles, the client can choose the appropriate qualifications of industrial fixed assets investment projects energy-saving assessment agencies, assessment agencies accept the commission should be entrusted with the unit Signed a contract, a clear specific fees and the rights and obligations of both parties.

Third, the above provisions from November 1, 2013 from the implementation of the implementation of the situation and problems please promptly reflect.

Zhejiang Price Bureau

September 25, 2013

Notification Annex:

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