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Jiaxing Aoyou Energy Conservation Evaluation Service Co., Ltd.

Professional consultation

It is our responsibility and obligation to provide practical services for every project and provide energy-saving and consumption-reducing solutions suitable for the characteristics of the enterprise.



Pinghu region only a local registered energy-saving assessment services professional firms.




*.Testing services: Jiaxing Langkun Detection Co., Ltd. is a professional engaged in energy-saving technology testing, environmental protection testing of technical institutions and CMA certification. With the corresponding electrical energy, thermal, steam, pressure and other hardware testing facilities of the experimental body.

*.Integrated services: water-saving services (water balance test, water-saving enterprise declaration), energy-saving audit services, energy monitoring and assistance services, corporate energy planning programs and measurement equipment with guidance services.




Jiaxing Hongkun Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Jiaxing AoYou Energy Conservation Assessment Service Co., Ltd. It is a company specialized in energy-saving new products and new technology promotion services. Companies specializing in providing users with various types of energy-saving lighting, smart energy systems and air compressor energy-saving systems, water reuse systems and other services work.


Other service

Other service

1, Technical consulting and investment advisory services, file binding, text translation, energy-saving technology promotion, sales of energy-saving products and business registration agency, enterprise project reporting agent and other services;

2, green business reporting service;





Ausnutria team is a professional service team integrating energy conservation assessment, energy saving detection, pre-construction service of industrial investment, new technology promotion of energy-saving new products, and enterprise project declaration agent. The team is based on saving enterprise cost, integrating social resources, improving service quality, building a century-old business philosophy, and paying full attention to its professional team and hardware facilities construction. At present, it has gathered the senior professional talents in light industry, textile, chemical industry, building materials, machinery and electronics. In 2015, the third party testing institution of longkun detection company was established, and the national CMA qualification certificate was registered and registered in jiaxing.

Our advantage: "to promote sales by service! To gain a reputation for quality! ;

Our business philosophy: "careful, honest, meticulous, service first".

"Aoxiang intermediary" 

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"Energy saving of Aoyou" 


The government of zhejiang province is speeding up the implementation of the reform implementation plan of the people and enterprises to the government to handle the "maximum run time". We set up "Aoxiang intermediary" and "Energy saving of Aoyou" are active response to the government called on, try to use efficient one-stop service way, make the enterprise through "Aoxiang intermediary" and "Energy saving of Aoyou" can quickly handle the relevant matters, especially improve the handle "industry investment in the project technical service and consulting" efficiency.

Enterprise project declaration agent Profile:

Industrial investment projects from approval to the completion of the inspection involves many aspects and the procedure is quite complex, in order to enhance the accuracy and effectiveness of investment, governments at all levels to take active measures to streamline procedures to simplify the decentralization. My company with the help of "one run at a time" reform, especially in this site set up a "business project reporting agency services" section, and specifically the introduction of "Aoxiang intermediary" and "Energy saving of Aoyou" WeChat public number for business consulting.