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Notice of the people's government of haiyan county on the negative list of enterprise investment projects in haiyan county (2017).


Salt policy [2017] no. 32 (on the announcement of the negative list of enterprise investment projects in haiyan county (2017)).doc

Haiyan county people's government.

Information on the negative list of enterprises' investment projects in haiyan county (2017).


The people's government of each town (street office), county government departments, directly under each unit:

The negative list of enterprise investment projects in haiyan county (2017) has been approved by the county government and is hereby promulgated.


Haiyan county people's government.

September 11, 2017.

(this piece is released publicly)

Negative list of enterprise investment projects in haiyan county (2017)


To deepen the reform of the examination and approval system in an all-round way, implement the provincial government "up to run a" spiritual requirements, in accordance with the national and provincial industrial investment direction is put forward, combining the reality of our county industry, established the haiyan negative listing enterprise investment project (2017) "(hereinafter referred to as" negative list ").

1. Set the basis for negative list.

(a) in February 2013, the national development and reform commission (NDRC) 21st order: in the revised guidance catalogue for industrial structure adjustment (2011), it was included in the revised edition of the list, which included restriction and elimination of categories.

(2) of the state council on resolving the contradiction of severe overcapacity guidance "(guo fa [2013] no. 41), steel, cement, electrolytic aluminium, flat glass, shipping and so on five big industry serious overcapacity.

(3) "notice of the state council on the issuance of the list of investment projects approved by the government (2016)" (guofa [2016] no. 72).

(4) notice of zhejiang provincial people's government on the issuance of the list of investment projects approved by the government (zhejiang 2017) (zhejiang zhengfa [2017] no. 16).

(5) about pushing industrial fixed assets investment projects to review permissions, enhances the working efficiency of the can review review notice (by letter zhejiang resources [2012] no. 179), the definition of petroleum processing, chemical raw materials, chemical fiber, printing and dyeing, paper making, non-metallic mineral products, metal smelting and rolling, electric power and so on eight major energy-intensive industries.

(6) environmental renovation industry, saving energy and reducing consumption in key industries and dangerous industry, mainly for lead-acid batteries, electroplating, papermaking, printing and dyeing, chemical, pharmaceutical, leather, plastic, plastic granulator, purification of industrial gases, silicon, cement, glass, tile, and other non-metallic mineral products industry such as high energy consumption.

(7) projects relating to national security, ecological security, major productive forces and development of strategic resources.

(8) state industrial policy and industry access conditions.

Ii. Implementation requirements.

(a) in order to optimize the industrial structure and layout, guide the transformation and upgrading of traditional enterprise, and control the excess capacity blind expansion and low level repeated construction, for projects listed in this negative list of business investment, in principle prohibits access, there are necessary, need after consultation with the relevant departments and experts, approved by the county government to agree.

(2) included in the project of this negative list shall be as investment promotion and capital introduction project introduction, the existing production capacity to speed up the pace of technical reform and technical innovation, speed up the product structure, process technology and equipment structure and industrial structure adjustment.

(3) to effectively teng in element space, promote the enterprises to upgrade and vacate basket change a bird working and county hair change, the letter must be strictly according to the country and the provinces, cities and counties of industrial policy, industrial layout, the good project access from the source.

(4) for projects on negative list of corporate investment, letter county reform bureau, the bureau, county land and resources bureau and county environmental protection bureau, the county live built bureau (RenFangBan), safety bureau, county market supervision bureau, county pledges inspect bureau and other departments, to clear the responsibility, to carry out the measures, the establishment of good corporate investment projects and rush off.

(5) the "negative list" from the date of release, "haiyan county people's government announced about haiyan negative listing enterprise investment project (2016) notice (salt administrative hair [2016] no. 30) shall be repealed simultaneously, in case of national, provincial, municipal industrial policy or a higher standard, according to their regulations.

Negative list.

(I) agroforestry

1. Ordinary particle board and high school density fiberboard production device with a single line of 50,000 m3 / year;

2. Production equipment of wood particle board with single line of 30,000 cubic meters per year;

31,000 cubic meters per year of plywood and joinery board production line;

4. Production process of wet fiber board;

5. One-time equipment investment is less than 20 million yuan for the production of wood-plastic products.

(2) petrochemical industry.

6. Inefficient high toxic pesticides, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBS), weeding ether, insecticidal narrowing, chlordane, heptachlor, tetramine and fluorine acetamide, fluorine sodium acetate, two bromine chloride, cure moth phosphorus and phosphorus amine, fluorine, poison rat silicon, etc.) and its raw materials production;

7. General inorganic pesticide, synthetic pesticide, veterinary drug production, sodium paraquat production process;

8. Production of polypropylene, acrylonitrile, resin, ethylene, ammonia, alkali, formaldehyde, azobenzene and chlorine;

9100,000 tons/year of pyrite acid, sulphuric acid, sulphuric acid project;

10. Production equipment for dyestuff, dye intermediates, printing and dyeing auxiliaries (excluding the dye products and production processes of the encouraging type);

11. Organic pigment and glue production;

12. Coating (refer to "zhejiang province to eliminate backward production capacity guidance catalogue (2012)";

131,000 tons/year of alum production;

14. A chemical project with a total investment of less than 50 million yuan.

(3) light work

15. The production line of maize starch wet method under 98% of corn starch production is less than 300 thousand tons.

16. General feed processing;

17. New yellow wine, liquor, alcohol, MSG, saccharin production enterprises;

18. The production capacity is less than 18000 bottles/time beer filling production line;

19. Concentrated apple juice production;

20. Annual slaughter of 150,000 pigs and below, 10,000 beef cattle and below, 150 thousand sheep and below, 10 million live poultry and the following slaughtering construction projects (except the planning points);

23,000 tons/year and the following western-style meat products processing projects;

22. New construction and expansion of waste paper as raw materials for the raw materials of 300,000 tons/year of white board paper, box board paper and corrugated production line;

23. Newsprint, coated paper production line;

24.300 tons/year of ink production equipment (with the exception of high and new technology and pollution-free);

25. Oblique tyre and tire (wheelbarrow) production;

26. Recycling and reprocessing of rubber (except for medical and sanitary rubber products);

272 000 tons/year;

28. New production line of polyurethane foam plastics (HCFCs) for foaming agent and continuous extrusion of polystyrene foam (XPS) production line;

29. Disposable equipment investment is less than 50 million yuan of non-degradable plastic production;

30. The one-time equipment investment is less than 20 million yuan including the production project of injection molding supporting process;

31. Disposable equipment investment is less than 5 million yuan using laser cutting guide plate production technology;

32. Production of plastic gusset plate;

33. Ultra-thin (less than 0.025mm thick) plastic shopping bag production;

34. Disposable equipment investment is less than 10 million yuan of plastic film printing production;

35. The production line of cement packaging bag without complex membrane;

36. Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) packaging products directly exposed to beverages and foods;

37. Production of paste zinc manganese and cadmium nickel batteries;

38. Lead battery production;

39. Production of ordinary lighting incandescent lamps and high-pressure mercury lamps;

40. Production of energy-saving lamps, heat pipe and other glass products (except energy-saving and environment-friendly glass kiln).

(4) steel industry.

41. The nominal capacity of 30 tons 100 tons of steel-making converter, nominal capacity of 100 tons or more but not synchronous matching gas recovery, dust removal device, the new water consumption of more than 3 m3 / t can not meet the standard of steel-making converter;

42. Nominal capacity of 30 tons 100 tons (alloy steel 50 tons) of the following electric furnace, nominal capacity of 100 tons of steel 50 tons) and above but did not form a complete set of synchronous dust recycling equipment, energy consumption is more than 98 kg (kg) BiaoMei/ton, the new water consumption of more than 3.2 m3 / t can not meet the standard of electric furnace;

43,400 cubic meters and the following iron blast furnaces, 200 cubic meters and the following iron alloy, cast iron pipe production blast furnace;

44. Working frequency and medium frequency induction furnace for ground steel, carbon steel and stainless steel;

Hot rolled strip (excluding special steel) items below 45.450mm;

46.3 million tons/year and the following hot galvanized sheet volume project;

47.200 tons/year and the following color coating sheet volume project;

48. Double wire mill, Belgian wire mill, open-train rod and profile rolling mill;

49. Hot rolled seamless tube unit with diameter of less than 76mm;

50. Production equipment of single can wire drawing machine for prestressed steel wire;

51. Prestressed steel production eliminates stress treatment of lead quenching process;

52. Iron pipe project with a single production line of less than 200,000 tons;

53. Production of screw steel, PC steel rod and galvanized steel pipe;

54. Black metal phosphating process;

55. Acid washing and phosphating of fasteners (except certain areas);

56. One-time equipment investment is less than 30 million yuan new fastener production project;

Below the level of 57.8.8 (below the nut is 8.0 below) ordinary low-grade fastener production;

58. Production of fasteners with single position and low speed cold heading equipment;

59. Production and processing of fasteners not in industrial functional areas.

(5) non-ferrous metals industry.

60. Single series 100,000 tons/year and the following crude copper smelting;

61. Smelting of non-ferrous metals such as zinc, lead, copper and aluminum;

62. Production of electrolytic aluminum and recycled aluminum;

63. Aluminum oxidation process with one-time equipment investment of less than 5 million yuan.

(6) building materials industry.

64. New dry cooked material production line, 600,000 tons/year cement grinding station, cement grinding equipment with a diameter of less than 3 meters;

65. Clay hollow brick production line;

66. Small hollow concrete blocks with a single class of 25,000 cubic meters per year, with a single class of 150,000 square meters/year of concrete floor tile fixed production line;

67.10 million cubic meters/year of aerated concrete production line;

68.1m/year pipe pile and culvert production;

69. Concrete mixing stations that do not meet the planning requirements;

70.1m square meters/year of building ceramic tiles, 200,000 pieces/year low-grade sanitary ceramics production line;

71. Construction sanitary ware kiln, pouring flame kiln, porous kiln, coal burning flame tunnel kiln, flame tunnel kiln, saggar sanitary ceramics tunnel kiln;

72. Gypsum (hollow) block, artificial light aggregate (ceramic) production line with clay as the main raw material;

73.30 million square meters/year and the following paper plasterboard production;

74. Ordinary stone mining and processing industry (except with mining license), artificial stone manufacturing industry;

75. Pingla process plate glass production line (including grid method).

(7) pharmaceutical industry.

76. Production of infusion plastic bottles (bags);

77. Production of pharmaceutical butyl rubber plug;

78. Labor protection and waste management cannot meet the national standard of API production equipment.

(8) machinery industry.

79. Common high speed steel drill bit, milling cutter, saw blade, tap and die project;

80.P0 level, under 60 mm diameter, ordinary micro bearing manufacturing project;

81.220 kv and below power transformers (other than energy saving power distribution transformers such as amorphous alloy and coil core);

82.220 kv and the following high, medium and low voltage switchgear manufacturing projects (except for the insulated switchgear of environment-friendly medium-pressure gas and explosion-proof switchgear for explosive environment);

83. New normal cast forging project;

84. Knapsack manual compression sprayer;

85. Heat-treated barium salt bath furnace (except barium chloride bath furnace);

86. General class 10 mpa and below middle and low pressure carbon steel valves;

87. Metallurgical parts containing lead powder.

(9) textile and clothing industry.

88. Continuous polymerization of conventional PET (PET) with a single line of 200,000 tons/year;

89. Production process of conventional polyester terephthalic acid dimethyl ester (DMT) method;

90. Conventional polyester (PET) batch process polymerization;

911,000 tons/year of chemical fiber drawing, general viscoelastic project;

92. Semi-continuous viscose filament production;

93. Semi-automatic winding equipment with spindle length of 1200 mm and below for conventional chemical fiber filament;

94. The production line of non-woven fabric of the conventional polypropylene spinner is less than or equal to 1, 000 tons per year and less than 2 meters wide;

95. Textile projects using water-jet looms;

96. Rapier looms with a filling rate of less than 600 m/min; air jet loom projects with a filling rate of less than 700 m/min;

97. Milling, stamping, flocking and other production lines;

98. New and simple expansion of the printing and dyeing technical renovation project;

99. Using PVA sizing process and products;

100. Washing process and equipment with water over 20 tons/ton of raw wool;

101. One-off equipment investment in general processing garment production (including garment accessories processing, sewing and embroidery) under 20 million yuan;

102. Water washing and water grinding process.

(10) others

103. Organic silicon monomer production;

1041,000 tons/year hot dip galvanizing production line;

105. Metal heat treatment projects that cannot be balanced in the region;

106. Metal heat treatment projects with a combined energy consumption of less than 1,000 tons;

107. Unplanned hazardous waste disposal projects;

108. Disassembly and recovery of mechanical, mechanical and metal vessels that do not meet the requirements of circular economy (including processing of pressing blocks);

109. Dismantling and recycling of used cars;

110. The electroplating;

111. One-time equipment investment is less than 50 million yuan oil painting project;

112. One-time equipment investment is less than 15 million yuan of oil-bearing paint matching process production projects;

113. Disposable equipment investment is less than 8 million yuan of spray/water spray paint production technology;

114. Other items that do not meet the requirements of industry access, national and local industrial policies or policy documents, are restricted and prohibited.

Cc: county committee departments, county people's congress office, county CPPCC office, county discipline inspection commission (county supervision committee), county people's military department, county court, county procuratorate.

Haiyan county people's government office issued on September 20, 2017.