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Pinghu City, on business investment projects "multiple evaluation of one" approach to implementation (Trial)

Ping trial reform to do [2017] 5.doc

Pinghu City, deepening the reform of administrative examination and approval system leading group office


Pinghu City, deepening the reform of administrative examination and approval system leading group office

On the issuance of "Pinghu City, on business investment projects," a multi-evaluation of one "

Implementation Measures (Trial) "notice


People's governments of all towns, subdistrict offices, management committee of Pinghu Economic and Technological Development Zone, management committee of Dushan Port Economic Development Zone, relevant departments of municipal government and relevant municipal units:

Now we have issued the Implementation Measures (Trial Implementation) of Pinghu City on "More Comments on Enterprise Investment Projects" (for Trial Implementation), and please conscientiously implement it in light of the actual conditions.


Pinghu City, deepening the reform of administrative examination and approval system leading group office

       August 20, 2017

Pinghu City, on business investment projects, "more evaluation of one"

Implementation Measures (Trial)


Pursuant to the "Circular of the People's Government of Pinghu City on Printing and Distributing the Circular on Implementing the Plan of Up-Running a Reform to Regulate the Implementation Plan of Intermediary Services for Administrative Examination and Approval" (Pingzheng Ban Fa [2017] No. 82) Formulate this implementation method (for trial implementation).

1. target requirements.

To deepen the reform of the administrative examination and approval system, standardize the administrative examination and approval of intermediary services, integrated optimization for examination and approval of investment project evaluation process, will be changed from serial to parallel the evaluation, exploration in "multiple" and regional assessment, unified application, assessment, synchronization review, synchronization, examination and approval, unified feedback service mode, improve the efficiency of investment project evaluation and examination and approval.

2. Scope of application.

Referred to in this scheme "multiple" refers to the zhejiang provincial government services online platform, has made the project code through access to evaluation after the enterprise investment projects involved in the process of technology assessment and evaluation report of parallel examination and approval, mainly including energy saving assessment, soil and water conservation scheme, environmental impact assessment and safety assessment (according to the type of project and the need for). Special projects need to carry out seismic hazard assessment, Marine environmental impact assessment and so on.

In accordance with the provisions, do not need access to industrial investment projects evaluation of enterprise investment project (with the exception of standard factory building), and obtained after filing notice and other important acceptance of elements can directly into the "multiple" program.

3. Workflow.

The work process of "multi-evaluation one" mainly includes unified acceptance, synchronous evaluation, synchronous review, synchronous approval and unified feedback. The entire cycle is controlled within 46 working days.

(1) unified acceptance (1 working day). In the administrative service center investment project comprehensive acceptance zone set up the investment project "multi-assessment one" window, implementation "one in one out". Namely by comprehensive investment project area window to accept the project declaration materials submitted by the construction unit, based on a zhejiang government affairs service network for examination and approval of investment projects online supervision platform gives project code, and submit the related department audit, required for all kinds of evaluation assessment requirements; According to the audit situation of each department, the "multi-assessment one" window will make the decision of acceptance within one working day, and issue the notice to inform the construction unit to carry out relevant evaluation work. At the same time, in jiaxing "mediation" web publishing information, inform the project construction unit from the "intermediary" website or administrative service center "enterprises intermediary services supermarket" the scene to choose intermediary service consortium or a single intermediary service institutions, assessment services to negotiate and sign contract, contract "multiple" window for the record.

(2) synchronous evaluation (22 working days). Project construction units according to the "unity of multiple window told to establish evaluation list and work requirements, the synchronous compilation work of the evaluation report of publication of the relevant report and report preparation of synchronization. The project construction unit shall initiate and complete the preparation of the report prior to the unified acceptance of the evaluation items of the reporting period. Some needs to be based on the conclusion of other assessment matters, and may intervene when the relevant assessment is basically completed. In addition to special provisions, the project construction unit may simplify the relevant assessment report according to the regional assessment results. For the list of items not included in the evaluation and the work requirements, the "multi-assessment one" window no longer requires the project construction unit to supplement and handle it.

(3) synchronous review (10 working days). The project construction unit will submit the "multi-assessment one" window after the completion of each technical evaluation report, and the relevant departments shall be forwarded uniformly. The relevant department synchronizes the organization to conduct the third party review or the organization expert review. In case of special circumstances, the project construction unit shall solicit the opinions of the "multi-assessment one" window.

(4) simultaneous examination and approval (12 working days). All relevant departments in accordance with the relevant assessment, evaluation opinions, and legal requirements to submit material, synchronous organization to carry out the related work immediately, at the same time issue the relevant examination and approval or comments documents, law has clear provisions of precondition, in the same working days from the order issued by approval document in accordance with the regulations. The synchronous approval time shall be controlled within 12 working days. If special circumstances need to be extended, the relevant departments may consult the "multi-assessment one" window in advance.

1. Responsible for the overall promotion of the project and the price of intermediary services.

2. The municipal bureau of credit is responsible for the review of energy efficiency evaluation of enterprise investment projects (7 working days).

3. The municipal land and resources bureau shall be responsible for the risk assessment of geological hazards (8 working days).

4. The municipal water conservancy bureau shall be responsible for the approval of water and soil conservation plan, the approval of flood impact assessment, water resources demonstration, water intake approval and sewage treatment (12 working days).

5. The municipal environmental protection bureau is responsible for the approval of environmental impact assessment report (7 working days).

6. The municipal safety supervision bureau shall review the safety production conditions (10 working days) according to the safety evaluation report.

(5) unified feedback (1 working day). The "multi-evaluation one" window will be consolidated to the project construction unit according to the approval results of relevant departments.

Due to the different project types, some projects need not go through all of the above processes. The department can combine the evaluation link with the actual optimization, compress the approval cycle, and improve the approval efficiency.

Safeguard measures.

1. Strengthen mutual cooperation and communication. Departments (development zone), town street to realize "multiple" is deepening the reform of administrative examination and approval system, promote the "most" run a reform an important measure of the city, the town streets (development zone), the service center to the joint investment project agent free of charge, all the examination and approval department for examination and approval services to synchronize, front of examination and approval department for examination and approval as the following departments of examination and approval materials to timely communication, can advance intervention on the examination and approval, for the project to buy time.

2. The evaluation and approval limit shall be completed. "Multiple" window in the formal acceptance of the project unit of "unity of multiple applications, with the project progress, following the tracks of the service center in time is dealt with in the process of business guidance to the project units, project assessment, review and approval process each link progress tracking supervision. We should urge the intermediaries to complete the assessment within the specified time when the information is complete. The examination and approval departments shall complete the review, approval and publicity within the time limit of the commitment period when the important information is complete and the policy is allowed.

3. Strictly regulate intermediary behavior. We should establish and improve the list management system of the intermediary service project in our city, and implement the system of listing price and service time. All departments should strengthen the management of the relevant intermediary agencies, found the appraisal institution reports in a timely manner, real, fraud, and so on and so forth, by the relevant departments according to the relevant provisions of punishment, incorporated into the agency's credit rating evaluation, the and in jiaxing make public "intermediary" website. The administrative office of the municipal intermediary agency shall coordinate with the examination and approval departments to manage the intermediary agencies and intermediary services in the whole city.

4. Accelerate the cultivation of "intermediary service association". According to zhejiang ZhengBan hair [2017] 2017 date file spirit, encourage relevant intermediary service institutions involved in enterprise investment project construction, according to the voluntary association, the group service way to form a consortium and intermediary service work. It can be led by an intermediary agency to jointly evaluate and form a special evaluation report (table) of different matters to achieve the "multi-assessment unity". It can avoid the conflict between the evaluation criterion, the evaluation condition and the evaluation procedure, and avoid the occurrence of multiple revisions, multiple evaluations and time-consuming and arduous situations. Convenient enterprise into a window (multiple unity window), choose a consortium (intermediary), run a can synchronize to deal with the matters more mediation, effectively solve the "difficult choice in intermediary agencies, intermediary review run" phenomenon.

5. Promote regional joint evaluation. In pinghu economic and technological development zone, on the basis of pilot townships street (development zone) will accelerate the "area can review, eia + block energy consumption, environmental standards" reform, organize and implement the project geological disaster risk assessment, constructed over mineral resources assessment, seismic safety evaluation, the soil and water conservation plan, water proof, flood control impact assessment (domain takes up water impact assessment), archaeological investigation and exploration, the traffic impact assessment, lightning disaster risk assessment of regional assessment and deal with issues such as work. Establishing standards for admittance into the project in the zone and the policy guidance, enterprise credit commitment, regulatory effective constraint management mode, gradually achieve regional combination on the basis of a single project to simplify examination and approval, improve project advancing speed.



Pinghu city deepen the administrative examination and approval system reform leading group office.

August 20, 2017.


Cc: municipal commission, municipal government, municipal commission office, jiaxing administrative examination and approval service center, vice mayor of zhong xudong.

Pinghu city deepened the administrative examination and approval system reform leading group office issued on August 20, 2017.