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About the annual output of the dongyang carbon (zhejiang) co., LTD.

About the annual output of the dongyang carbon (zhejiang) co., LTD.

Dongyang carbon (zhejiang) co., LTD.

Your company's "annual production of 15000 million pieces (sets) brush blank new project energy saving assessment report form (submit draft)" (jiaxing city aoyou energy conservation assessment service co., LTD.) has been received.

Energy-saving method according to zhejiang province to implement the < > method ", "zhejiang province project energy saving assessment and review of investment in fixed assets management method" and "zhejiang industrial fixed assets investment projects implementing rules for the energy conservation assessment and review and other laws and regulations, and inform the energy-saving assessment report on the audit, the project will now review opinions clearly as follows:

1. project situation.

The project is located on the south side of the wuyi road of pinghu economic and technological development zone and the west side of puxian road. The total investment of the project was 92.25 million yuan, of which the construction cost was 23.4 million yuan, the equipment purchase cost was 32.8 million yuan, the other cost of the project was 7.8 million yuan, and the working capital was 28.25 million yuan. The project has a new industrial land of 20 mu and a new building of 10,794 square meters. The project has a total of 96 sets of equipment, such as mixing pot, molding press, sintering furnace, crushing/screening/mixing system, sintering furnace, etc., which can produce the production capacity of 15000 million pieces of brush blank. After the completion of the project, it is estimated that the output value will be 135m yuan and the industrial added value will be 34.1 million yuan. It is planned to be put into operation in March 2016.

2. Industrial policy.

The project mainly produces graphite brush embryo. In contrast to the catalogue of foreign investment industry guidance (2011 revision), it is a non-restrictive and non-obsolete category. In contrast to the catalogue of backward production capacity (2012), which was eliminated and prohibited in zhejiang province, it is a non-obsolete and non-prohibited category. This project is in line with national and local industrial policies.

3. Project energy.

The project mainly consumes power, natural gas and energy consumption. After accounting, the project has an annual power consumption of 6.78 million KWh, with 90,000 Nm3 of natural gas and 4800 cubic meters of water, with a total annual value of 2262 tons of standard coal/as a value of 953 tons of coal. Power from pinghu Zhong Dai including 110 kv substation 10 kv power supply of electricity, the substation main transformer capacity of 50 * 2 mva, current load average rate of 60%, project equipment a total installed capacity of 2295 kw, computational load is 1079 kw, a project configuration SCBH15-1600/10, so the capacity of power supply; The project is supplied by the pinghu natural gas co., LTD. The gas supply pipeline has been completed and the pipe diameter is DN160, which can meet the requirements of the project. The water supply is supplied by the pinghu water supply plant, which is connected with the DN150 pipe and can meet the project water requirements. In view of the above conditions, the area has the requirements for the project.

4. requirements

(1) the total energy consumption of the project shall be limited to the data of the energy conservation assessment report, and no breakthrough shall be made. We will strictly implement the orderly electricity consumption plan.

(2) the project design, construction and the implementation of various energy projects in the use of the project shall be supervised and inspected by the municipal energy monitoring team in accordance with the project energy conservation assessment report.

(3) after the project has been put into operation, the annual energy index shall be approved according to the production ratio.

(4) the company shall apply for the special acceptance of energy conservation during the completion of the project, and the bureau shall, in conjunction with the relevant departments, organize the inspection and acceptance of energy conservation and issue acceptance opinions according to the energy conservation assessment report.

5. the conclusion

According to the energy conservation evaluation conclusion, the project output energy consumption is 0.17 tce/ten thousand yuan (present price), the added value of industrial energy consumption is 0.66 tce/ten thousand yuan (present price), below, jiaxing city, zhejiang province, pinghu "twelfth five-year" plan and target, agree to carry out the construction project according to the energy conservation assessment report content.

According to the method of paid use and trading operation (trial) of the total amount of energy in pinghu city (trial), this project needs to obtain the quota license for the use of power.

                                   Pinghu city economic and information bureau.
                                    December 31, 2014.