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About zhejiang yongsen new material co., LTD., with an annual output of 71 million square meters, the investment project energy efficiency evaluation and review of the investment project.

About zhejiang yongsen new material co., LTD., with an annual output of 71 million square meters, the investment project energy efficiency evaluation and review of the investment project.

Zhejiang haining industrial park management committee:

You appoint on the requirements for zhejiang yong's new material co., LTD., with annual capacity of 71 million square meters, peng Thomas gage cloth industries such as grid cloth energy-saving assessment of investment projects to review the instruct "(sea garden committee [2014] no. 2014) and related materials. Implementation according to the energy conservation law ", "zhejiang province" energy conservation law of the People's Republic of China > method "and" fixed assets investment projects in zhejiang province energy conservation assessment and examination management method "and other laws and regulations and the provisions of the policy document on behalf of our bureau organization experts and departments of jiaxing Macao optimal energy-saving evaluation service co., LTD. Preparation of zhejiang yong's new material co., LTD., with annual capacity of 71 million square meters, peng Thomas gage industrial mesh fabric investment projects such as cloth of energy-saving assessment report review, according to project the evaluation opinions of experts and studies, the principle agreed to zhejiang yong's new material co., LTD., with annual capacity of 71 million square meters, peng Thomas gage cloth and other energy-saving industrial mesh fabric investment project assessment report. The relevant reviews are as follows:

1. Project overview: this project is located at no.52, xinmin road, haining industrial park. The total investment of the project was 112.88 million yuan, of which 108.38 million yuan was invested in fixed assets. The project proposed a new land area of 30.074 mu (22716 square meters), and the construction area of the new plant was about 39,800 square meters. The project is intended to purchase air jet loom, rapier loom, subsection warping machine and other production equipment and corresponding public works equipment. After the delivery of the project, the production capacity of 71m square meters of grid cloth will be formed. The project is planned to be completed and put into operation in December 2015. The annual output value of the project is estimated to be 248.5 million yuan (current price), and the industrial added value is 52.7 million yuan (current price).

2. Industrial policy: this project mainly produces industrial grid cloth products such as penggeki. The project is a non-restrictive and non-obsolete category in comparison with the national development and reform commission's catalogue of industrial structural adjustment guidelines (2011) (revised edition). This project is not restricted and non-prohibited in comparison with the catalogue of backward production capacity (2010), which was eliminated and prohibited in zhejiang province. Therefore, the project complies with national and local industrial policies.

3, the main production technology and equipment of the project: this project is mainly engaged in cloth of peng Thomas gage industrial mesh fabric production, the project USES mature and reliable technology, purchase of Germany Dornier (DNR) company AWS series of air-jet loom, Albert jiale, Picanol corporation OptiMax series rapier loom, Karl Mayer (Karl Mayer) sectional warping machine and other advanced production equipment and the corresponding utility equipment, with high performance, good stability, the characteristics of the high degree of automation. The selection of main process equipment and supporting common utility equipment is in line with the industry development and energy saving evaluation requirements of general energy consumption equipment.

4. Project use energy: this project mainly USES electricity and energy, energy, water and other energy. After accounting, the total installed capacity of the project equipment is 2324.4kw, and the total active power calculation load is 1315.1KW, and the project is expected to consume 899.79 million KWH and consume 341 thousand cubic meters of water annually. The total annual value of the project is 2843.3tce/ when the value is 1108.8tce. Enterprises to new/S13-1000/10 transformer 2, the total capacity of 2000 kva, power by its Chinese haining power supply company 110 kv substation maqiao (existing main transformer the total capacity of 100 mva, main transformer load average rate of about 70%) 10 kv ring five 5220 line access; The water supply is supplied by the third water plant of haining water group. This project has the power supply condition.

5. Single consumption level: according to the review of the evaluation report, the project reaches the postpartum, and the unit product energy consumption is 0.156 tons of standard coal / 10,000 square meters. The total energy consumption of project ten thousand yuan is 0.114tce/ ten thousand yuan, and the comprehensive energy consumption of industrial added value is 0.54tce/ ten thousand yuan, and the energy consumption index is lower than the expected target value of energy consumption in the end of the twelfth five-year plan.

6. Specific requirements:

1, this project in the process of design, construction and put into use, in accordance with the principle of territorial management, by zhejiang haining warp knitting industrial park management committee for energy-saving assessment report of the project to plan the implementation of the supervision and inspection.

2, project nature, scale, location, energy structure, energy technology and other major change, or in the comprehensive energy consumption exceed levels by more than 10% of the energy audit opinion, or the project energy audit after two years did not start construction, project units shall be to evaluate and apply for a review of energy conservation.

3. Strictly follow the relevant provisions of the general provisions on energy measurement equipment and management of energy units (gb17167-2006), and implement the three-level measurement management system to strengthen the management and allocation of energy measuring instruments.

4. The owner shall strictly implement the energy saving measures in the implementation of the project. Project commissioning and a half years, shall apply for energy-saving special acceptance, by the city energy conservation administrative department under the state council in conjunction with the city energy watchdog energy-saving special acceptance shall be carried out in accordance with the energy conservation assessment report to the project and issue the acceptance. If it fails to pass the inspection, it shall be rectified in accordance with the relevant regulations until it is discontinued.

5. Under the conditions of production, the total energy consumption shall be limited to the forecast number of the energy saving assessment report, and no breakthrough shall be made.

   Haining economic and information bureau.
December 8, 2014.