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An annual increase of 180,000 tons of high-strength corrugated paper for rongcheng paper co., LTD.

An annual increase of 180,000 tons of high-strength corrugated paper for rongcheng paper co., LTD.

Zhejiang rongcheng paper co., LTD.

Your company has received the information of the project for the improvement of the capacity of 180,000 tons of high-strength corrugated raw paper with an annual capacity of 180,000 tons, which is compiled by jiaxing aoyou energy saving assessment service co., LTD.

Energy-saving method according to zhejiang province to implement the < > method ", "zhejiang province project energy saving assessment and review of investment in fixed assets management method" and "zhejiang industrial fixed assets investment projects implementing rules for the energy conservation assessment and review and other laws and regulations, and inform the energy-saving assessment report on the audit, the project will now review opinions clearly as follows:

1. project status: the project is located in zhejiang rongcheng paper industry co., LTD., dushan port district, pinghu city. South near river road and salt pond river; West by harbour road; North near huanggu tang river) south. The new land area at the south side of the existing factory is 161.45 mu, which is used as the land for capital increase and expansion. The total investment is 901.87 million yuan, of which the fixed asset investment is 8660.5 million yuan, and the working capital is 35.37 million yuan. The project covers an area of 107636m2 and the construction area is 56282m2. The production capacity of 180,000 tons of high-strength corrugated paper can be produced annually with an annual output of 150000 tons of high-strength corrugated paper production line and an annual output of 30,000 tons of paper tubes. The output value of the product is 591.6 million yuan (current price), and the industrial added value is 241.93 million yuan (current price). It is planned to be put into operation in December 2015.

2. Industrial policy: this project mainly produces high strength corrugated paper and paper tube original paper. Under the guidance catalogue of industrial structure adjustment (2011), it is allowed to project; In contrast to the catalogue of backward production capacity (2012), which was eliminated and prohibited in zhejiang province, it is a non-obsolete and non-prohibited category. This project is in line with national and local industrial policies.

3. Project energy: the project mainly consumes waste resources such as electricity, steam, paper residue and energy consumption. After accounting, project under reaches producing scale, year 68.65 million kWh of electricity, steam, such as waste paper slag resource of 56444 t 250000 t and 1.77 million m3, 750000 m3 in tap water, total comprehensive energy consumption value such as 2460 tce/equivalent value 957 tce (excluding paper slag waste resources such as energy of 47933 tce/equivalent value 47933 tce). The power supply of the xinhua substation of the coastal power supply bureau is 110kV, which is connected by 110kV line. After the secondary reduction of 110/35 and 35/10, the power plant is connected to the enterprise's own thermal power plant, and the power supply to each workshop is 10kV. The total installed capacity of the project is 14940kW, of which the total installed capacity of 10kV is 3775kW, and the calculated load is 1954kW, and the calculated load is 2053kVA after compensation. The installed capacity of 380V side power equipment is 11165kW, and the active computing load is 5793kW, and the compensation is shown in the calculation load of 6100kVA. Equipped with 5 scb13-1600 /10 transformers with a total capacity of 8000kVA, the estimated load rate is 76%, with power supply capability. Steam is provided by the enterprise self-provided power plant, the existing after a 75 t/h boiler heating the project, the project production line normal line around 28 t/h YongQiLiang corrugated base paper, paper tube base paper line in the 4 t/h, maximum line around 32 t/h YongQiLiang corrugated base paper, paper tube base paper line around 5 t/h, the average cost steam content is about 32 t/h, maximum YongQiLiang about 37 t/h, can meet the objective in hot demand. Enterprise existing and project itself to produce paper pulp, paper scraps, such as methane resource waste recycling, processing into a steam and power, to slash energy consumption projects, is expected to recycle waste slag of 49869 t, 6575 t FeiZhiXie, biogas 1.77 million m3, folding BiaoMei 41670 tce, 2091 tce and 2091 tce, total 45474 tce. The current production water of the enterprise is taken from the huanggu tang canal in the north side of the site. The plant has a water intake station of 25000m3/d, and the water quantity is long and rich, and the water quality is good, which can meet the needs of the project. In view of the above conditions, the area has the requirements for the project.

4. Requirements:

(1) the total energy consumption of the project shall be limited to the forecast number of the energy saving assessment report, and no breakthrough shall be made. We will strictly implement the orderly electricity consumption plan.

(2) the project design, construction and the implementation of various energy projects in the use of the project shall be supervised and inspected by the municipal energy monitoring team in accordance with the project energy conservation assessment report.

(3) the company shall apply for the special acceptance of energy conservation at the time of completion of the project, and the bureau shall, in conjunction with the relevant departments, carry out special inspection and acceptance of energy conservation and issue acceptance opinions according to the energy conservation assessment report.

5. Conclusion:

According to the energy conservation evaluation conclusion, the project of comprehensive energy consumption per unit product of postpartum corrugated base paper kgce 203 / m2, power consumption per unit product of 413 kWh/t and paper tube base paper comprehensive energy consumption per unit product kgce 140 / m2, power consumption per unit product of 225 kWh/t, output value of energy consumption is 0.81 tce/ten thousand yuan (present price), the added value of industrial energy consumption is 1.98 tce/ten thousand yuan (present price), although the added value of industrial energy consumption is higher than, jiaxing city, zhejiang province, pinghu "twelfth five-year" plan and target, but due to the project optimization with 45474 tce, and energy consumption per unit product is in the advanced level in the industry, so the principle agreed to carry out the construction project according to the energy conservation assessment report content.


Pinghu city economic and information bureau.

August 5, 2014