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About the annual output of 3,000 tons of micro torque valve and 5000 tons of wind power equipment project of pinghu city shenli machinery co., LTD.

About the annual output of 3,000 tons of micro torque valve and 5000 tons of wind power equipment project of pinghu city shenli machinery co., LTD.

Pinghu shenli machinery co., LTD. :

Your company "annual production of 3000 tons of micro torque valve and 5000 tons of wind power equipment project energy saving assessment report form (submitted to review draft)" (jiaxing city aoyou energy conservation assessment service co., LTD.) has been received.

Energy-saving method according to zhejiang province to implement the < > method ", "zhejiang province project energy saving assessment and review of investment in fixed assets management method" and "zhejiang industrial fixed assets investment projects implementing rules for the energy conservation assessment and review and other laws and regulations, and inform the energy-saving assessment report on the audit, the project will now review opinions clearly as follows:

1. Project status: the project is located in daqitang village, xindai town, pinghu city. Project with a total investment of 80 million yuan, of which the equipment investment is 47 million yuan, environmental protection equipment and ancillary facilities fee is 8 million yuan, floating capital 15 million yuan, the project covers an area of about 50 acres, lease Coffey and heavy equipment co., LTD., 5 13000 ㎡ workshop, machining workshop 2, 6500 ㎡, 1 D across 3600 ㎡ workshop, a total of 23100 ㎡. Using lease 5 used to build smelting workshop area and sand processing area, no. 2 and no. 1 workshop used to build the machining area, formed an annual output of 3000 tons of 3000 tons of micro torque of the valve and core big production capacity of wind power equipment. The output value of the product is 94.4 million yuan (spot price), and the industrial added value is 41.7 million yuan (current price). It is planned to be put into operation in December 2015.

2. Industrial policy: the project mainly produces micro-torque valves and core components of wind power equipment. Under the guidance catalogue of industrial structure adjustment (2011), it is an incentive program; In contrast to the catalogue of backward production capacity (2012), which was eliminated and prohibited in zhejiang province, it is a non-obsolete and non-prohibited category. This project is in line with national and local industrial policies.

3. Project energy: the project mainly consumes electricity and energy consumption. After accounting, the project is expected to consume 8.220,000 kWh and tap water 10710m3 in the year of production. Total annual comprehensive value energy consumption: 2599tce/when the value is 1011tce. The power supply is provided by the xixiuxi-154 line of xindai substation of pinghu city. The total installed capacity of the project is 10119kW, of which the total capacity of the high-voltage equipment is 7000kW, and the annual electricity consumption is 5.79 million kWh. The total capacity of the low-voltage equipment is 3119kW, and the annual electricity consumption is 2.430,000 kWh; The project is equipped with two S13 transformers, one for s13-m-630/10 and the other for s13-m-800/10, with a total transformer capacity of 1430kVA. Currently, there are two 16MVA main changes in the new dai-transformer substation, and the main transformer capacity is 32MVA, which has power supply capacity. The water is supplied by the new dai business of pinghu water supply group, and the new water consumption of the project is limited. The water supply in the plant can be used to meet the water demand of this project. In view of the above conditions, the area has the requirements for the project.

4. Requirements:

(1) the total energy consumption of the project shall be limited to the forecast number of the energy saving assessment report, and no breakthrough shall be made. We will strictly implement the orderly electricity consumption plan.

(2) the project design, construction and the implementation of various energy projects in the use of the project shall be supervised and inspected by the municipal energy monitoring team in accordance with the project energy conservation assessment report.

(3) the company shall apply for the special acceptance of energy conservation at the time of completion of the project, and the bureau shall, in conjunction with the relevant departments, carry out special inspection and acceptance of energy conservation and issue acceptance opinions according to the energy conservation assessment report.

5. Conclusion:

According to the energy conservation evaluation conclusion, the project after the comprehensive energy consumption per unit product 0.126 tce/t, power consumption per unit product of 1028 kWh/t, output value of energy consumption is 0.275 tce/ten thousand yuan (present price), the added value of industrial energy consumption is 0.63 tce/ten thousand yuan (present price), below, jiaxing city, zhejiang province, pinghu "twelfth five-year" plan and target, principle agreed to carry out the construction project according to the energy conservation assessment report content.


Pinghu city economic and information bureau.

June 18, 2014.